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Students sometimes want an additional boost of confidence before a big test. Other times, ongoing support helps the student stay on track with a particular course throughout the school year. Either way, Summit can match you with a tutor who has expertise in the subject matter of your class. We can provide you with support in most subjects, including English, Math, Science, History, and several languages.






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AP Subject Tutoring

Increasingly in recent years, AP courses have become standard for students seeking admission to competitive colleges. Select Summit tutors can provide you with guidance for many of these classes. Whether you want ongoing support through the school year, or the opportunity to review with an expert for the AP exam in May, we can help. Summit tutors have helped students succeed with many of the AP tests, including the Calculus exams, English exams, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, U.S. History, and more.

As with all our programs, the focus of academic tutoring is on you. We’ll listen and work with you to focus on content topic areas of concern, as well as on strategies for absorbing, organizing, and analyzing, course content, based on your approach to learning.

2018 AP Testing Schedule

Week 1 Morning Session: 8:00 am Afternoon Session: 12:00 pm
May 7 – Monday Chemistry
Spanish Literature and Culture*
May 8 – Tuesday Seminar
Spanish Language and Culture*
Art History*
Physics 1: Algebra-Based*
May 9 – Wednesday English Literature and Composition Japanese Language and Culture*
Physics 2: Algebra-Based*
May 10 – Thursday United States Government and Politics Chinese Language and Culture
Environmental Science
May 11 – Friday German Language and Culture*
US History*
Computer Science Principles
Week 2 Morning Session: 8:00 am Afternoon Session: 12:00 pm
May 14 – Monday Biology*
Music Theory*
Physics C: Mechanics*
May 15 – Tuesday Calculus AB*
Calculus BC*
French Language and Culture*
Spanish Literature and Culture*
May 16 – Wednesday English Language and Composition Italian Language and Culture*
May 17 – Thursday Comparative Government and Politics*
World History*
May 18 – Friday Microeconomics*
Human Geography*
European History

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