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ISEE and SSAT Preparation


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The ISEE and SSAT tests are the standardized tests used by independent day schools and boarding schools in their admissions process. These tests represent a first exposure for many students to high stakes testing and can cause uncertainty and anxiety among both students and parents who are unfamiliar with these tests.  Our one-on-one in home tutoring programs are designed to alleviate this stress and also to increase students’ confidence so that they can achieve their best on test day. When our students take the test for real, both they and their parents will know exactly what to expect on that day. Moreover, our students will know the test thoroughly so they can perform to the best of their ability. By the end of their programs our students are prepared for the test and view it as an opportunity to show-off what they know. At Summit, we understand that helping younger students perform on standardized testing is very different from helping high school students. For this reason, we have developed our own world class curriculum specifically targeting the ISEE and SSAT, and we handpick tutors from our highly qualified tutor pool to work with this age group. In addition to providing students a plan of attack for the test we also take a very academic approach with our tutoring, which lends itself to curricular achievement.  We help improve our students’ vocabularies, their fundamental reading skills and comprehension, their problem solving and computational skills (often pushing them ahead of the class in math), and their writing skills, cultivating our students’ ability to develop a clear and organized essay. At Summit, we have devoted countless hours to developing our SSAT  and ISEE curriculum to help students of different ages and abilities thrive.

Call us today to register for a free ISEE or SSAT diagnostic test and learn more about how our one-on-one in-home tutoring programs can help relieve the pressures of these tests. We have helped countless families navigate these obstacles. Our expert program directors can help you craft a testing plan that is right for you and answer any questions that you have. The independent school admissions process has become increasingly competitive. Partnering with us can remove much of the stress from your family.  Call us today to learn how we have helped countless families gain admission to their number one independent school.

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  • “Allison is a great tutor, and really really patient and calm. She always gave my younger daughter the feeling of being more relaxed and less stressed. Jessica went to Derby, but was also accepted at Thayer and Tabor! Thank you.”

    Cristina F., Parent

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