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Online Tutoring

Summit has expanded our reach worldwide.  For those clients outside of our geographic footprint we are pleased to offer our remote, one-on-one tutoring. We offer our same world class test preparation to anyone anywhere in the world. As long as students have an internet connection we can reach them. We do the tutoring live, in person over skype. We also have a whiteboard with all of our materials loaded into it so the student and the tutor can work through problems in real time. We also send our course materials anywhere in the world so the student will have them in front of him or her as well.  It feels as if the student and his or her tutor are sitting together at the family kitchen table even though they might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Because we can offer the same quality of tutoring with the same customizable curriculum, we see comparable results in our online tutoring programs as our in person, in home tutoring programs.  The individual attention and guidance from our expert program directors is the same.  The personalized approach and strong personal connection between the tutor and the student is the same.  The close bond between the tutor and the family is the same.

Want to work with Summit but outside of our geographic area?  Call today to learn more about our one-on-one remote tutoring for any of our offerings: SSAT/ISEE, ACT or SAT, SAT Subject Tests, or academic support.  We will send you our free diagnostic test with complimentary score analysis, anywhere in the world.  We offer the same expert tutors, the same expert analysis and guidance, and we can do it around your schedule wherever you may be.

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