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ISEE Lower, Middle, & Upper Level Course Book


Introducing the newest edition of our ISEE Lower, Middle, & Upper Level Course Book. We are confident that you won’t find a more effective or user-friendly ISEE Prep book anywhere else.

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Features include:

  • ISEE Focused. Most ISEE prep books focus on both the ISEE and SSAT simultaneously. Our ISEE book, by contrast, is focused exclusively on the ISEE. The result? A book that is more accurate, more in-depth, and, ultimately, more effective.
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Layout.  Lessons are divided into short “modules,” each focusing on a single concept, strategy, or question type. This formatting allows for a more organized book that is easier to navigate and customize for individual student improvement.
  • Engaging, Challenging Lessons.  Lesson modules in this book have been designed to be engaging and challenging, allowing students to work through difficult material with their instructor while practicing more general concepts on their own.
  • Thorough ISEE Reinforcement.  Hundreds of new ISEE questions have been added, including over 3 tests’ worth of Quantitative problems, more than 300 Synonyms, and dozens of new Writing samples and Reading Comprehension passages. More practice problems give students ample opportunity to apply what they’ve learned and to develop greater ISEE test-taking skill and confidence.
  • Test Level Indicators.  Since ISEE students come in a wide range of grades and skill levels, many test-type questions and all homework sections are divided by test level. This ensures that lower-level students aren’t frustrated by questions that are too advanced and upper-level students are not bored by questions that are too basic.
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