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Over the last 30+ years of test prep tutoring, we’ve helped thousands of students increase their test scores using our proven proprietary curriculum and coursebooks. Our content blends core academic skill building with proven test prep strategy – all in an easy-to-understand format.

Each lesson is full of instructor’s talking points, question prompts, and important tips and reminders. By distilling lessons down to only what is necessary, our books help your instructors spend less time reading from the page and more time focusing on and engaging with your students.

Using our innovative and customizable materials for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT, you can help your students prepare and succeed too.

Raise test scores and build student confidence. Differentiate your business with course materials that competitors can’t match.

Digital Books

All of our coursebooks are conveniently available in digital format. Our digital books help you save money, distribute materials easily and effectively, and enhance online collaboration.

Share content live to aid in classroom programs by projecting individual pages on screen. In remote sessions, screen sharing your digital book ensures you and your student are looking at the same page, even though you’re not sitting at the same desk. You’ll save time and effort by using easily navigable digital materials that are identical to your students’. Our digital books are updated automatically every year, so your tutors and students will always be working with the same, most up-to-date versions.

Digital books have the added benefits of saving you money — they’re a cost-effective option — and being better for the environment. Plus, multiple users at your company can easily share the same digital materials — no more sharing printed teacher guides! Our digital coursebooks are a smart choice for your teachers, your students, and your organization as a whole.

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White Label Books

Enhance your company’s reputation and stand apart from your competitors with your logo and branding on our course books.

We can easily white label both our physical and digital books, and help you customize them to be your own. Your logo? Yes! Your colors? Yes!

With white labeling, you’re getting a proven test prep curriculum and strengthening your brand at the same time. Our white labeled books are available in bulk, so it’s a practical and affordable solution. (In addition to book costs, a one-time artwork set-up fee applies.)

Extend your brand and elevate your tutoring programs with Summit’s materials.

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