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Performing well on the AP exams shows college admission teams that your student is ready for the academic rigor of their institution. While an AP score of 3 or higher may be used to waive certain prerequisites or aid in merit scholarship decisions, a score of 4 or 5 can help students stand out in their applications.

For over 30 years, Summit has been helping students reach their full potential on AP tests. That’s why 85% of our students have been referred to us by other families and school counselors.

Summit’s customized, one-on-one AP tutoring programs ensure students are set up for success with content knowledge and the most effective strategies to answering the various types of questions, as well as an understanding of how the AP points are awarded.

We take care to match your student with a tutor that best fits their personality and learning style. Our tutors are smart, thoughtful, educators with deep experience in their AP subject areas.  And, by providing regular opportunities to practice test, we help students to feel confident on test day.

Students typically prepare for the AP starting 6 weeks prior to the exam with weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions and practice tests to gauge progress. The length of your program and session frequency are tailored to your needs and schedule. Tutoring sessions are held online or in-home.

We often receive tutoring requests for the following AP classes: 

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP European History
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Physics C – Mechanics
  • AP Physics C – Electricity and Magnetism
  • AP Statistics
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP World History – Modern

Summit also specializes in test prep tutoring – from the SAT to the ACT, SSAT, and ISEE – our tutors are ready to help your student reach their highest potential. 

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*Pricing for AP tutoring sessions from $190/hour.


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A Sampling of AP Subjects We Tutor

  • AP English (both Language and Literature)
  • AP History (U.S., European, and World)
  • AP Calculus (AB and CD)
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • AP Physics (both Mechanics and Electricity/Magnetism)
  • AP Statistics
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • AP Human Geography


85% of our students are referred to us by other families, school counselors, and educational consultants.

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