Help your students reach their highest potential. Effective, customizable, easy-to-use curricula designed for test prep educators.

No matter your test prep needs or challenges, our course materials and tools can help.

Today’s educators are often faced with a lack of time, budget, and resources that can put students’ test prep success at risk. In a highly competitive market and ever-changing testing landscape, partnering with a trusted expert is key.


For over 30 years, Summit has developed, and continues to perfect, a proven, results-driven test preparation curriculum. Schools, tutoring companies, and non-profit organizations around the world use Summit’s innovative and customizable materials in their own successful test prep programs. In the process, they are helping their students improve critical thinking skills, develop test-taking strategies, and, most importantly, achieve higher test scores.

Our comprehensive materials and unmatched customer support ensure that you have all the tools you need to achieve test prep success on your own. In addition, our Professional Development program gives school administrators and tutoring company owners the peace of mind to know that they have well-trained test preparation experts working in the classroom and in the field.


Course Books

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Digital Test Platform for Schools

Summit’s exclusive Digital Test Platform (DTP) provides schools and districts with a convenient, student-friendly alternative to on-campus practice tests. Whether your students are preparing for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, or ISEE, practice tests in our DTP simulate the experience and user interface of the official, computer-based tests. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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Services for Test Prep Educators

Our best-in-class curriculum, test center, curated Professional Development sessions, and digital testing platform provide teachers and tutors with a complete suite of resources to make test preparation planning and instruction a breeze — so you can focus on what matters most: your students and their success. Learn about our educator resources.

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About Us


Our best-in-class books and materials have helped thousands of students significantly increase test scores. The modular structure of our curriculum makes it easy to customize for individual students — making it a favorite among teachers, tutors, students, and parents alike.

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Test Center

Summit’s exclusive Test Center is a valuable tool that allows you to easily score practice tests and track results for individual students or entire classes.

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Professional Development

Provide your teachers and tutors with top-notch Professional Development through Summit. They’ll learn the most current teaching approaches as well as get in-depth knowledge of testing strategies and skills, straight from our expert trainers.

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Digital Test Platform

Give your students a realistic practice testing experience using our digital testing platform. When paired with our test center, this valuable tool allows teachers and tutors to test students and track their results to inform test preparation content going forward.

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