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No matter your test prep needs or challenges, our course materials and tools can help.

Today’s educators are often faced with a lack of time, budget, and resources that can put students’ test prep success at risk. In a highly competitive market and ever-changing testing landscape, partnering with a trusted expert is key.

For nearly 30 years, Summit has developed, and continues to perfect, a proven, results-driven test prep curriculum. Across the country, schools and tutoring companies have used Summit’s innovative and customizable materials to conduct their own test prep programs. In the process, they’ve helped their students improve critical thinking skills, develop test-taking strategies, and most importantly, achieve higher test scores. Our comprehensive materials and unmatched customer support ensure that you have all the tools you need to conduct a successful test prep program. In addition, our professional development program gives school administrators and tutoring company owners the peace of mind to know that they have test preparation experts working in the classroom and in the field.

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