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ACT Practice Test At-Home — Hopkins School

Summit Educational Group is pleased to partner with Hopkins School to give rising juniors the opportunity to take an ACT practice test remotely.

Taking practice tests gives students an exposure to the format, pacing, and problem types they will encounter on the actual test. Also, the scores provide a baseline from which to create a testing plan customized to the student.

Students will have the choice of taking their practice test at a set time with a live, virtual proctor, or taking it on their own schedule using our online self-timer or video proctor resources. Extended time accommodations are available.

Please note that during registration, you will be asked to choose one of the two ways to take the practice test:

  1. With our live, online proctor on Friday, August 28 starting at 9am. You must register by August 26.
  2. Self-proctored on your own schedule (with access to our online self-timer or video proctor)

After the test, students will receive a detailed Score Report to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement. As a complimentary service, Summit’s program directors can walk you through the analysis, answer your questions, and provide advice on your testing plan.