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Independent School Applications: A Timeline


The independent school applications process can occasionally feel like an overwhelming and confusing one. However, with the right plan in place, you can make sure that the entire process runs much more smoothly. The calendar below shows how a typical testing plan fits into the larger timeline of independent school applications. Planning for applications should begin in the summer, about 18 months before you plan to enroll in your new school. Early in the applications process, craft a testing plan that addresses which tests you’re going to take, when you’re going to take them, and how and when you’re going to prepare for them.

A good testing plan is sensible and strikes a balance with the student’s academic and extracurricular activities. It eliminates the need for overtesting and helps students and families maintain perspective through what can be a stressful admission process. Have questions about how to prepare for the SSAT or ISEE? Contact a Program Director today!

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