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Recent Reviews

Our experience with Summit has been exceptional! Over the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Dean. He set my son up with superb tutoring and provided us with personal, thoughtful advice throughout the entire process: whether or not to focus on the ACT or SAT, when to take the exams, and which scores to send to schools. He is ALWAYS responsive and helpful. But here is the best story. My son, now in college, called home one late Friday afternoon and said he was struggling with an economics course and was deciding whether or not to drop the class. I immediately hung up the phone and called Michael. Despite the fact that it was after 5:00 on a Friday afternoon, he picked up! He said that Summit didn't offer tutoring in economics, but he would see what he could do. By 6:00 he found us a tutor! My son and Dominick began working together that Sunday and throughout the semester. Dominick was incredibly knowledgeable, organized, persistent, and motivating. Not only did my son pass economics, but he received an A-. Now that our daughter is going into her junior year of high school, we are thrilled to be working with Summit again!
We have been working with Summit for almost three years. They do it right! The tutor-student match is done very purposely and thoughtfully. The materials they use are current and follow the trends and changes of the test. While both my students improved on their tests, they grew as learners and always walked into test day as confident test takers. Thank you Summit!
Allison A.
My son benefited from having sessions with Summit Educational Group. They offer individual sessions and accommodate to your schedule. It helped us tremendously to have the tutor meet in the location that worked for us. In between sessions, my son's tutor checked his weekly progress and gave him great feedback. His tutor was able to pinpoint specific areas that he was struggling with, so time was used very efficiently. My son had a goal in mind going into these sessions and he was very happy when he met his goal after he received his ACT score. I would highly recommend Summit Educational Group.
Marie N.
I am very happy with Summit. We used them for tutoring for the middle school SSAT for my daughter. It was easy to take free practice tests. Then they communicated with us and outlined the cost of the tutoring. I did not feel pressured. The tutor was a good fit for my daughter, and her score improved a lot. We would use Summit again.
Cara L.
We had a great experience with the people at Summit- our son took one of their free practice ACT’s at Southport library in Fall 2019. When it was time for him to prep for the real test, they already had an idea of his strengths and weaknesses. With only a few sessions (with a perfect fit tutor!) his score went up 6 points! Every session had a follow up to make sure my son was feeling secure in the lessons and with his tutor. Just before he took the test we got a few last minute words of advice and good luck- a great experience all around!
Lisa G.
We have used Summit for each of our three children. They are always professional, and their system is very effective. Our youngest was recently placed with an excellent tutor. Summit works hard to match students with tutors who are a good fit. Lots of questions were asked prior to them recommending a tutor, then after our daughter began working with her tutor, Summit followed up to make sure the match was a good one. Summit is a top notch tutoring organization. I highly recommend.
T. R.
They were patient, flexible, kind, smart -- my son's program was personalized to his needs and adjusted as his needs changed. I highly recommend Summit!
Julie G.
Summit has a robust tutoring program that can be tailored to the needs of each individual student. Their model of test prep, which includes finding a "best fit" tutor for each student, is effective and well worth the money. We are most grateful for their services!
Jennifer L.
The folks at Summit are excellent. We have 2 kids who have worked with the Summit team, both over exceeded our expectations. We are very very pleased!!
William Adams J.
Best money I've ever spent! My older son had done tutoring through a class elsewhere. There was no homework, and it still wasn't cheap. A friend had used...
Christie B.
I have had a great experience with Summit and can not recommend them highly enough. We had tutors for both our children, one high school aged getting tutored for the ACT, and one middle school aged getting tutored for the SSAT. Summit helped raise their scores in a big way. Both children had very capable tutors who adapted to the learning styles of our children in order to maximize results. They have very well defined process that is customized to each individual child, and the customer focus, service and support have been outstanding, from Alysha in particular. I highly recommend this company.
Marc F.
My son's tutor provided a personal approach and timeline to focus on areas where improvements could be made, and also reinforce his strengths. He felt confident going into this test, and was very pleased with his result.
We have used two different tutors for my two different children, and each time, Summit found a perfect match for the individual child. The first prepared for the ACT and the second for the SAT. Communication was excellent both from Summit as well as from the individual tutors. We will definitely use Summit for our third!
Christine Y.
We were delighted with Summit, from the free practice SAT and ACT tests which they offer, to the incredibly thorough free consult afterward, to their steadfast help through the pandemic and their fantastic tutors. They helped my son take his math ACT score from 28 to 35 and his overall ACT from 33 to 35! I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of everyone I encountered, and with their desire to get to know my son as a person not just a set of test scores. They really figured out exactly what he needed and how he learned, and working with them was interesting and rewarding for him and for us. I highly recommend Summit!
Gallaudet H.
Great experience from start to finish. Reliable communication, helpful with all queries. Used services for a junior - individualizing tutoring sessions for ACT, and a couple of proctored practice tests.
Lisa J
Summit provided truly personalized tutoring for our son. The proctored tests were extremely helpful in getting him ready for the SAT and the feedback based on the results was great guidance! James was very helpful in pairing our son with the right tutors based on his personality and learning style. We worked with Summit for our older child as well and can only recommend it for ACT/SAT prep !
Pinar O.
We had a great experience with Summit Educational Group. My daughter had a wonderful tutor. They really connected, and she had a lot of fun while learning great strategies. Communication was fantastic, and I have never seen her so motivated. She was very happy with her first set of scores.
Natalie S.
REMARKABLY CARING & PROFICIENT SSAT & SAT TUTORSWe have had a wonderful experience with Summit Educational Group of New Canaan. Our Program Director, Whitney, helped us identify a very special tutor who has been an absolutely perfect coach for our son. Leslie was warm and personable, totally available for scheduling and, most of all, understood Henry and how to teach him.The quality of Henry's time with Leslie was all that I could have hoped for and the even better news - results were great!
Ric L.
We worked with Summit for Sat prep. My daughter worked with Abigail, who effectively tailored the lessons based on her practice tests. She enjoyed working with her and I received period professional updates from Abigail by email regarding the lesson progress. What really makes Summit stand out is the personal approach in both style and content as well as the professional organization of the group. This made the sessions and the process much more manageable and less stressful for my daughter than I have seen with other groups that my older daughter worked with. After just 6 weekly tutoring sessions my daughter's SAT score increased by 160 points! Thank you. I would highly recommend Summit.
Diana L.
We have had a great experience at Summit. Lisa Houtzeel is incredible to work with and always very responsive. Our tutor Natalie was also amazing and a great match for our daughter.
Ashley B.
Summit was an excellent choice for our son’s SAT prep. James was fantastic to work with in the beginning. He took me through the whole process and really took the time to understand what my son needed from his tutor. The matchup was perfect. Tyler was terrific and “got” my son from the get-go. He completely honed in on what my son needed to work on each work, and knew how to encourage my son even when he was getting down on himself. My son needed more help on the verbal sections than he did with math, but from the first practice test to the real thing, my son increased his score 100 points on math and 50 points on verbal. Needless to say, my son was super excited and I was more than pleased. I would recommend Summit to anyone needing tutoring.
Jen L.
company is well organized, we had an effective tutor that connected with my son and they also can answer questions about the testing process. Very happy with experience.
Claire S.
Had a fabulous experience with Summit with both of my kids. They gave thorough test prep with a smile. Recommend HIGHLY!
Catherine L.
Summit is a fabulous educational program that I would highly recommend. My two children worked with educators at Summit for the ACTs and the SATs and both children improved their scores. My daughter recently worked with two Summit experts and improved her Math SAT score by 110 points and verbal by 80 points (resulting in a 1420 overall). The tutors were all true professionals and were able to quickly hone in on exactly what areas to focus on and how to encourage and inspire the kids to do better. Both my kids felt comfortable and at ease and welcomed the sessions. My daughter commented that both her tudors where not only great at teaching her how to improve scores but also generally how to be better at math and writing. We found Summit a huge value and worth the time and money spent. I also found the communication excellent up front - with Summit making sure they understand each child and picking the best tudor for each child. I highly recommend working with Summit - they are true professionals.
Jennifer B.
Summitt Was very professional. My daughters tutor John always communicated with me after each session. He sent me lesson recaps and let me know what he was working on with her. He helped her to become a more confident test taker. He gave her tools and valuable insight on how to get her score up.Lynn always checked in with us to see if we needed anything. I can’t say enough about what a positive experience we had here . I highly recommend anyone looking for college prep to allow Summitt to help.
Michele L.
They are the Best. My daughter is very happy with preparation of SSAT.
Rajeshkumar B.
We are beyond thrilled with our experience with Summit Educational Group. Our daughter worked with Megan to improve her SAT scores and Megan was so knowledgeable and patient. Not only did she prepare our daughter for the test in terms of content, she also worked with our daughter to ease anxiety and gave her ways to improve her test-taking skills. Our daughter's score saw great improvement after working with Megan and Summit Educational Group! Thank you!!!!!!
Lynne C.
This place is great! I'm really impressed by their customer service. The director Ruth Watterson goes out of her way to give honest, reliable, and FREE feedback to families. After providing my son with a FREE practice ISEE test, she called me to say she did NOT recommend tutoring for him, that he knew his material, and was ready to go. She told me to just go over the questions he got wrong with him at home and that was it. She said she'd be lying if she recommended their services to us. She could easily have told me she recommended at least one tutoring session, I would have believed, and paid for it. Instead she chose to be honest. I cannot recommend them enough. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you Summit!!
Lilian K.
Our experience with Summit was excellent. From our first conversation, they really dug deep to get to know my student, in order to match him to the right tutor. Once the tutoring sessions began, we were impressed by the pace, the amount of teaching, and the rigor of weekly homework. We felt that the things our son learned through studying for the ACT not only helped him with the test, but also with his study skills for school. My son’s score jumped three points after using Summit’s tutor! And the staff at Summit was very helpful in answering all of my questions surrounding test taking. I highly recommend Summit. Worth the investment!
Margaret G.
We were recently referred to Summit, when our daughter, who is applying to private school needed some additional guidance and support for the SSAT.From the very beginning, all of my interactions with Summit were professional and the customer service and follow up were truly top notch. Every detail I shared with Ruth Watterson was heard and taken into consideration when finding a tutor who was the right "fit" for us. I honestly, didn't realize the importance of the fit, until we experienced the service and I saw how closely the tutor worked with our daughter. Really grateful for the match we were assigned as the fit was a great one!In addition to the above, there were periodic check-ins to ensure the tutoring was going well.Our tutor, Michael Singer was an incredibly smart, experienced tutor. He supported our daughter and provided great guidance to her. He not only helped her in math, but also provided test taking strategies, which in the end, helped her tremendously.We were incredibly impressed with what was accomplished in a short amount of time. We had about seven sessions and from the first time our daughter took the SSAT to the second, her math score went up over 30 points! This improvement was better than we had even anticipated! We were very pleased with her results!The only part of this experience which made me feel a little unsure, was the rate. I will say initially, I was surprised by the cost. I had expected the services to be a lot less. Honestly, I had guessed the cost would be half of what it actually was. However, glad cost didn’t deter us from moving forward with Summit. In the end, we feel the services were worth every penny. We recommend Summit without hesitation. You will be really pleased with the end result!
Anita C.
Fantastic SAT tutoring!
Alexander H.
My son worked with a fantastic tutor from Summit for the SSATs. His tutor was engaging and kept an easily bored 14-year-old interested in the material and...
Megan B.
I have now used Summit for all 3 of my children and have had a consistently wonderful experience with all 3. The tutors that Summit has sent have all been incredible and my ongoing behind-the-scenes process navigation work with Drew Heilpern has been invaluable. Drew has made it a point to really get to know each of my children and help me figure out the best test and strategy for each of them - all while helping me maintain a sense of humor about the standardized testing process! For all these reasons, I cannot recommend Summit highly enough.
Gretchen N.
We have used Summit for all three of our boys and have been extremely happy with their tutors and the communication from the office. All around excellent...
Stephanie J.
Summit was VERY helpful in navigating the ACT process in this crazy Covid time! Tutors are helpful and accommodating for ACT and AP tutoring. Will definitely use them again!
Amanda H.
Professional, knowledgeable tutors that worked within my child's schedule to successfully prepare him to take the SAT/ACT. Targeted review and preparation was provided. High quality materials were shared.
Deirdre M.
Two of my daughters used Summit to improve their SAT scores with great results. Recently my junior daughter worked with Olivia for Reading and John for...
MaryPat C.
Smart, caring, and results oriented! AND they schedule sessions to work with the student's busy life! Summit raises confidence and helps it's students develop a can-do attitude.
Kera D.
My son had a fairly low ACT score coming into his junior year. We hired Summit Educational Group in December of 2019. Michael Dean, Executive Director, did...
Natalie K.
My twin juniors worked with Emma Lee of the Newton, MA Summit Educational Group to prepare for the SAT exam. She came highly recommended by a local friend of ours, and I am extremely happy we decided to hire her as well! My kids are very different - one needed to focus more on the math sections, and the other needed to focus more on English sections. She met with them individually over the course of eight weeks and helped raise their scores by at least 100 points each. I especially liked that I didn’t have to commit to purchasing a package of a certain number of sessions. Instead, I was able to stay within my budget and the kids got exactly what they needed out of each session with her. What I especially appreciated as a parent of twins was that she never compared them to each other, and that she truly helped strengthen their confidence. Unlike many of their friends - who were cramming for the SAT exam the last few nights before, Emma said to put their books away for the days leading up to the test and relax and get a good night’s sleep. I honestly think this made a huge difference - one scored in the high 1400s and the other scored in the mid 1500s on their first attempt. I am extremely grateful to Emma and the entire Summit Educational Group for personalizing their tutoring, and being exactly who and what they needed to succeed on the SAT. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Joanna B.
It was a great experience getting professional guidance from Summit. As Ruth (the Project Director) suggested, my son took the diagnostic tests first. Based on the test scores, Ruth suggested my son to prepare for the SAT test as she saw him having a better chance to make great improvement on the SAT. The SAT tutor (Emma) was very experienced and patient. She provided lots of encouragement to the student and the parents. My son took her lessons from Oct to early Dec and was able to improve his reading score significantly (he is always very strong in math). He got a perfect score in his first real test in Dec. We would definitely recommend Summit to our friends!
Laurel Z.
Two of my daughters used Summit to improve their SAT scores with great results. Recently my junior daughter worked with Olivia for Reading and John for Math. They used their time very effectively and targeted exactly what skills she needed to improve which helped her confidence quickly. After 3 months, her score improved 230 points. Thrilled with the short intense instruction that paid off. Also, both tutors communicated with parents very well. Highly recommend.
MaryPat C.
Could not ask for a better group of people.
Jeffrey G.
Our family has had a great experience with Summit Educational SAT tutoring for our high school student. His math tutor, JR was personable, engaging and excellent at helping our son prepare for this fall's SAT. Summit is well-run and client-focused. The opportunities for practice tests and online grading were helpful and I appreciated Summit's flexibility in scheduling and doing as much or as little counseling as needed. Friends recommended Summit to us and we will recommend to others.
Julia C.
My family and I could not be happier with Summit, both in terms of their customer service and their results-driven tutors, and definitely would recommend them for test prep. We used Summit for SSAT, ACT and SAT prep over several years, and they always exceeded our expectations. They worked with me to find a tutor that fit each child's personality, needs and schedule. It is clear that Summit really cares about finding the right match and about ensuring that students go into their tests as confident and prepared as possible. There was no high pressured sales pitch, no minimum purchase requirement, and no attempt to scare us into buying more than our children needed, which I really appreciated. It felt like a true partnership. In order to score well on standardized tests, I believe that a motivated student who is willing to put in the hard work is a critical component. However, another key piece is surrounding the student with the right team to support their efforts. We could not have asked for a better team than we found in Summit.
We have had a great experience at Summit. Lisa Houtzeel is incredible to work with and always very responsive. Our tutor Natalie was also amazing and a...
Ashley T.
We had great support from Summit as we went through the college testing process. My daughter was able to take as many practice tests as she wanted and was matched with an incredible tutor who was not only very skilled but warm and encouraging. I suppose most importantly my daughter increased her score by a whopping 7 points from August 2018 to September 2019.
Vivien S.
The best experience our daughter had in tutoring, personalized and focussed on the right details, very qualified tutors.
sophie de J.
I can't say enough great things about working with Lisa Houtzeel, Summit Educational Group and their excellent tutor Megan Erickson. The process was efficient and effective and our son's SAT score rose to a 1540. This was one of the best investments we have ever made in our son's education. I highly recommend their service!
Jane L.
My daughter used J.R. from Summit to help with math tutoring for the SAT. We only had about 5 sessions over the course of the summer and her score bumped up 100 points! Summit was very professional, responsive and I highly recommend their service.
Deb V.
We enlisted Summit Educational Group to help our daughter with her ACT preparation, and the tutor and advisers were excellent. We truly feel that Summit's tutoring helped our daughter score about 2 points higher than predicted by practice tests.
Meera G.
Excellent customer service and most importantly, fantastic, qualified, supportive tutors.
Dolly P.
Excellent experience. Tutor was smart, friendly, easy to work with, and gave my son very specific strategies to solve the particular SAT reading comprehension questions that kept tripping him up. Definitely worth it.
Lisa N.
We had a great experience with Summit this fall -- tutoring and prep for our 9 year-old for the ISEE and our 14 year-old for the SSAT. Great initial discussions with Andrea and Joseph to determine the best way to structure the tutoring. Our tutor Brian was absolutely wonderful -- deeply knowledgeable, thoughtful, positive, encouraging and kind. The boys thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He tailored the sessions to each boy's strengths and weaknesses and helped them with specific test strategies. Brian also emailed us a detailed recap after each session and outlined their assignments to complete before the next session. The boys also took two proctored tests at Summit in New Canaan, which we reviewed fully with Brian in the days that followed. The boys felt as ready for the actual tests (still waiting for results) but there's no doubt they approached the tests with confidence and did far better than they would have without any tutoring. Two big thumbs up for Summit.
Andrew A.
ACT PREP: My boys have worked with Summit Educational Groups New Canaan, CT and White Plains, NY offices over the past four years and have had a top notch experience with both. Their advisor and tutor were warm and caring. They educated us about the testing process, spoke with my boys and then formed individualized programs tailored to each of them. Throughout the process our advisor and tutor made adjustments when necessary and provided support. They were a pleasure to work with and I will be using them again for my third son.
Allyson R.
Best money I've ever spent! My older son had done tutoring through a class elsewhere. There was no homework, and it still wasn't cheap. A friend had used Summit at the same time and had much different results, so we decided to go that route for our younger son. Lauren was our tutor and she was fantastic. The individual attention really let him focus on what he needed, and she really broke things down for him to help him strategize how to succeed. There was a lot of HW but it was broken down each week into manageable pieces and it was very helpful. Still waiting on the SAT results, but the last practice test was 200 points higher than when we started. I highly recommend Summit!
Dennis and Christie B.

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