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Dear Parents, Students, and Colleagues,

In 1986, as a sophomore at Yale University, I tutored my first high school student at his home in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Ever since then, I’ve recognized the power of one-on-one tutoring. Each student possesses specific goals, a unique learning style, a distinct personality, and personal strengths and areas for improvement. Only through one-on-one tutoring can a student’s needs be fully assessed and a customized plan be created.

I believed so firmly in the effectiveness of private tutoring that two years later I started Summit Educational Group, a company committed to providing one-on-one, in-home test preparation. Back then, in-home test prep was a novel concept, and while we’ve had many imitators over the years, we’ve stayed ahead by dedicating ourselves to consistently evolving and refining every aspect of our service: our pedagogical approach, our customer care, our course materials, our technology, and, most importantly, our tutors – the face and heart of Summit.

Today, we offer a variety of test preparation and tutoring programs, and I’m very proud that 85% of our families are referred to us by their friends, school counselors, private consultants, learning specialists, and others. It means that we’re doing well by our students and families and the rest of our constituents.

I often tell our team here that I want Summit to be the best test prep and tutoring company – not the flashiest and not the biggest – but the best. And to be the best, in my mind, starts and ends with a focus on you, the individual student.

I wish you the best of luck through what can be both an exciting and stressful time, but a time that almost always ends in a rewarding and fulfilling way.


Charlie O’Hearn
Summit Educational Group, Inc

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