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Academic Services


Give your student the support they need to keep pace, accelerate, or supplement their academic studies at school. For over 30 years, Summit has been helping students improve grades and enhance learning abilities across all subjects, while building confidence in academic performance. We tutor students in grades 5-12 in a variety of subjects including math, science, history, modern languages, and writing. Our tutors are experienced and caring professionals who enjoy working with young people and know how to motivate and support them.

As with all our programs, the focus of one-on-one academic tutoring is on your student’s needs and goals. We’ll listen and work with you on the subject areas of concern, as well as on strategies for absorbing, organizing, and analyzing course content based on your student’s approach to learning. After each session, parents receive a lesson recap email to keep up to date on progress.

Subject Tutoring

For families that want targeted support on a specific academic subject, Summit’s highly qualified tutors help students stay on track and excel. Summit tutors reinforce classroom learning using the same class materials to provide additional instruction time, help with homework, and answer questions/facilitate study sessions for tests. Our tutors also help with time-management, study skills, and note-taking. After each session, parents receive a lesson recap email to monitor progress and to learn of any areas where their students need additional support.

Most-requested subject tutoring programs:

✔ Algebra ✔ Geometry
✔ Biology ✔ Latin
✔ Calculus ✔ Physics
✔ Chemistry ✔ Spanish
✔ English ✔ Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
✔ European History ✔ U.S. History
✔ French

The tutors are professional and communicate well with both the parents and the students. I felt well-informed about my child’s progress and my child benefited greatly from the knowledge and expertise of the tutors she worked with. I will definitely use Summit again for my younger daughter.

Constanze S.,  parent

Academic Manager

Today’s students are still recovering from learning loss during the pandemic. Summit’s academic managers help parents feel assured that students are able to keep on top of school work and stay engaged. Our academic managers work with student(s) to monitor course work and to ensure that homework is completed on-time and successfully, and that students are learning and not falling behind. They’ll collaborate with students to create work plans and hold them accountable while helping to negotiate online learning environments and improve organizational skills. After each session, parents receive a session recap email to report progress and to identify any areas where students need additional support. Most academic manager programs are held once or twice a week lasting 30 minutes, with the option for longer or separate sessions for targeted subject tutoring time.

AP Subject Tutoring

AP courses have become standard for students seeking to demonstrate rigor of curriculum in college applications. Summit tutors can provide you with guidance for many of these classes. Whether you want ongoing support through the school year, or the opportunity to review with an expert for the AP exam(s) held in May, we can help.

Most-requested AP tutoring programs:

✔ AP Biology ✔ AP Physics ✔ AP Environmental Science
✔ AP Calculus ✔ AP Statistics ✔ AP English–Language
✔ AP Chemistry ✔ AP U.S. Government ✔ AP English-Literature
✔ AP French–Language ✔ AP Latin–Language ✔ AP World History
✔ AP Italian–Language ✔ AP Chinese–Language & Culture ✔ AP Spanish–Language

Foundations of SAT and ACT

Summit Foundations is a one-on-one academic enrichment program that focuses on the specific math and verbal skills on the SAT and ACT. It is geared toward 9th, 10th, and rising 11th graders to ensure mastery of academic content prior to embarking on a full-fledged test preparation program. Summit tutors use our in-house developed Foundations course books that support topical lessons and provide homework practice. The math curriculum includes topics like algebraic functions, logarithms, and trigonometry. The reading and English curriculum includes critical reading and analysis, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. By improving students’ general reading, writing, and math skills, our Foundations program can also give a boost to academic performance during the school year. After each session, parents receive a lesson recap email to help keep up to date and to learn of any areas where their students need additional support.


Summit tutors are highly qualified and receive best-in-class training, both initially and throughout their careers with us. They love what they do, they understand students, and they know how to engage students, make lessons fun, and build confidence. All of our tutors are professionals, both within and outside the educational field. All have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and many have advanced degrees in Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Law.


Our journey together starts with a consultation between you and a program manager so they may understand your needs and goals as well as your student’s personality, learning style, and scheduling preferences. Your program manager is a dedicated resource for you throughout our relationship. They will match your student with a compatible and experienced tutor and monitor progress throughout the program. Summit program directors have vast experience working with families, students, and tutors, so please feel free to tap into their expertise whenever you have a question or need a sounding board.

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