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"Great news! Michael got into Indiana University! Summit and Zdenka were amazing. We really appreciated your calm and cooling service during these challenging times. My daughter Elizabeth is a sophomore, and she will be your next customer!" Andrew D., Parent, Newton, MA

SAT Subject Tests

Although they are usually only officially recognized by the most selective colleges, subject tests are still an important part of a student’s overall standardized testing portfolio. Families should therefore give these tests appropriate consideration when designing their testing plan.

There are three essential questions when designing a plan for the Subject Tests:

  • Which tests should my student take?
  • When should my student take them?
  • How should my student prepare for them?

The best way to answer the first question is to have the student take a diagnostic subject test. Summit offers a free diagnostic test in every Subject Test that is offered and the detailed score analysis shows every question that he or she answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted. Because the Subject Tests are entirely curriculum based, students should plan on taking the Subject Test as soon as he or she has completed her academic course in that field. For this reason, May and June are the most popular months for completing Subject Tests. Summit has tutors who are experts in the many fields covered by the Subject Tests from math to history to literature to the sciences who can help guide students through these tests and fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

No Subject Test prep program is alike as no two students are alike. Whether a student just needs a quick refresher and some strategies for taking the test or a full review of US History, our expert program directors can help shape a customized program that your student needs. Call us to register for a free diagnostic test and a free consultation with our program directors so you can start formulating a testing plan that is right for you.

# of Subject Tests You Can Take in a Day
# of Colleges that Require Subject Tests
# of Colleges that Recommended Subject Tests
# of Subject Tests Offered
Subject Test Aug 24, 2019 Oct 5, 2019 Nov 2, 2019 Dec 7, 2019 May 2, 2020 Jun 6, 2020
Literature check check check check check check
Biology check check check check check check
Chemistry check check check check check check
Physics check check check check check check
U.S. History check check check check check check
World History  check  check check
Mathematics Level 1 check check check check check check
Mathematics Level 2 check check check check check check
French check  check check check check
German check
Spanish check  check check check check
Modern Hebrew check
Italian check
Latin  check check
French with Listening  check
German with Listening  check
Spanish with Listening  check
Chinese with Listening  check
Japanese with Listening  check
Korean with Listening  check

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

  • “Great news! Michael got into Indiana University! Summit and Zdenka were amazing. We really appreciated your calm and cooling advice."

    Amber W. Newton, MA
  • “Susan is outstanding!! She truly loves history and it shows. She is flexible, prompt and very engaging. My daughter loved working with her. We will be using her for AP History next year.”

    Chris S. Sudbury, MA
  • "Shawn and I were extremely happy with Summit and his tutor. She was sweet and patient, knowledgeable and personable. She gave Shawn the confidence and support, along with techniques to apply on the test."

    Lisa W. Concord, MA

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