SAT & ACT Foundations of Mathematics


The SAT ACT Foundations for Mathematics includes principles from math, algebra, geometry, and statistics. Our Foundations series is designed to fortify student skills so they will be fully ready to progress to the next phase of their test preparation: the core Summit SAT and ACT course books. By providing material supportive to the core Summit course books, the Foundations series allows your teachers to better customize and adapt instruction according to each student’s needs.

Foundations books are ideally suited to working with lower-level test scorers or students in 9th, 10th, and entering 11th grade. Click to view sample pages from SAT & ACT Foundations of Mathematics.

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Top Features/Benefits of the Foundations Series:

  • Focused on SAT & ACT Skill Development. As distinguished from the core Summit course books, which focus on strategies and specific question types, the Foundations series covers all the essential SAT & ACT skills that the tests assume students have learned but that may be missing from standard high school curricula.
  • The First Step in SAT & ACT Preparation  Lower level scorers struggle with traditional SAT & ACT Prep because what they need most is extra help on underlying academic skills, NOT test-taking strategies. By focusing exclusively on skill building, the Foundations series will boost lower level students’ scores and prepare them to move on to Summit’s score SAT & ACT Prep course books.
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Layout  Lessons are divided into short, two-to-four page “modules,” each focusing on a single concept, strategy, or question type. This formatting allows for a more organized book that is easier to navigate and customize for individual student improvement.
  • Real SAT & ACT Questions  Practice questions for all concepts are provided in both SAT & ACT format, allowing students to gain familiarity with both tests as they work through the text. In all, the three books in the Foundations series provide hundreds of additional practice questions for the SAT & ACT.
  • Student-Friendly  Key concepts and ideas have been written specifically to make them accessible for younger students and lower level scorers. In this way, the Foundations will allow you to begin working on underlying SAT & ACT skills with students starting as early as 9th grade.

Click to view sample pages from SAT & ACT Foundations of Mathematics.

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