SSAT Course Book-Verbal for Middle & Upper Levels (Instructor’s Edition)


Our Instructor’s Editions are annotated with instructional suggestions, test strategies, detailed problem solutions and much, much more. Pair this with the student edition to provide professional curricular support for your SSAT preparation courses and help your students improve their scores. This SSAT Course Book provides the most comprehensive and thorough instruction on all fundamental SSAT Verbal skills. We are confident that you won’t find more effective or user-friendly SSAT prep books anywhere.



The instructor’s edition of our SSAT books provide a valuable tool for educators to prepare students for the test.

SSAT Verbal Course Book (Instructor’s Edition)

  • Goal and Range Tables identify raw scores needed to achieve different percentile goals.
  • Instructor’s Editions include charts with optimal scoring data and tips for how to use these tables to advise students.
  • All chapters have Checkpoint Reviews that contain SSAT test-type questions.
  • Vocabulary practice includes 14 pages of word groups, 80 pages of vocabulary list activities, and a list of 1600 vocabulary words.
  • Some of the more important topics covered include question difficulty, scoring, and avoiding attractors.

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