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SAT Accommodations Updates


In early December, The College Board announced that they would be changing their approval process for students requesting SAT accommodations. The gist? For students who already receive and use accommodations at their school under an official plan (such as an IEP, 504, or other formal school-based plan) and who submit the request through their school’s SSD coordinator, the approval will now be instantaneous.  The school coordinator simply needs to answer yes to the following two questions: (1) “Is the requested accommodation(s) in the student’s plan?” (2) “Has the student used the accommodation(s) for school testing?”  This policy change went into effect as of January 1st of this year, which means this year’s crop of test-takers will be able to benefit from it.

We’ve updated our Testing Accommodations chart to reflect these changes and to highlight the differences between SAT and ACT accommodations request policies. One wonders if it will only be a matter of time before the ACT updates their own policies to bring them into closer alignment with what The College Board has done.

As a reminder, students who have documented learning differences are eligible for accommodations from both the College Board and the ACT. Because these are distinct institutions, approval from one organization does not guarantee approval from the other as both have their own, separate application processes. And finally, as always, we strongly encourage families to meet with their schools’ accommodation coordinators early in the process to ask questions and to ensure that any documentation that is required is gathered and submitted in a timely fashion.

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