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Give your student the support they need to score to their true potential on test day with personalized test prep tutoring from Summit!

Summit’s customized one-on-one SAT and ACT tutoring has helped thousands of students achieve their score goals, and gain admission into dream schools. With a game plan that includes learning strategies for every question type, building out core academic knowledge, and taking proctored SAT and ACT practice tests, Summit students gain the confidence and knowledge they need to reach their potential. 

Unmatched Customer Service 

Your journey with Summit starts with a consultation with your Program Director, who’ll work to understand your student’s needs and goals, and will tailor the tutoring program accordingly. They’ll match your student with a compatible and experienced tutor, monitor progress throughout, and check in regularly to ensure the program’s goals are being met. The Summit experience includes practice tests along the way. Much like a scrimmage or dress rehearsal, taking practice tests under realistic conditions removes the mystery of the test, reduces test anxiety, and increases confidence. 

Our concierge model ensures that parents are involved and student outcomes remain at the center of every tutoring program. 

The Summit Experience 

For over 30 years, Summit has been helping students improve test scores and course grades across all subjects while building their confidence in academics. That’s why 85% of our students have been referred to us by other families and school counselors.

No two students are alike, which is why tutor matching is a critical element of our process. We carefully consider each student’s personality, learning style, and goals to match them with the right tutor. Our tutors are passionate teachers who know how to motivate, build confidence, and raise scores and grades.

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85% of our students are referred to us by other families, school counselors, and educational consultants.

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