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Much like a scrimmage or dress rehearsal, taking practice tests under realistic, timed conditions removes the mystery of the test, reduces test anxiety, and increases confidence. Practice tests are a crucial component of any successful test prep program. They provide a starting baseline for test planning and help track progress toward score goals.

Complimentary Score Report & Consultation

After your student takes a proctored practice test with Summit, you and your student will receive a detailed score report including both multiple-choice and free-response sections, completed by expertly trained AP essay scorers.  You will also receive a complimentary consultation with one of our Program Directors, who will guide you through a detailed analysis of the report, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and provide advice and guidance on the right testing plan for your student.

A $50 fee is required to receive feedback on the free-response question portion of each exam. The fee is charged after the student takes the exam. There is no cost for sitting the multiple-choice section of the exam, regardless of enrollment status with Summit.

During a Summit AP tutoring program, Students may take up to two practice tests per subject. Questions? Feel free to Contact Us.

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Request an AP Practice Exam

We are providing multiple options so that students can get the practice and exposure they need to their AP Exams prior to test day. Students can take our practice AP Exams at a scheduled time or on their own schedule. Contact to schedule extended time accommodations.


85% of our students are referred to us by other families, school counselors, and educational consultants.

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