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The ACT Goes Online


Recently, you may have heard some buzz about ACT offering a computer-based test (CBT). Yes, this is true! ACT has been allowing states and districts that use their school day testing system to try out a digital version of the test.

This endeavor isn’t entirely new for ACT. The company has explored CBTs for some time now. Below is a brief timeline of the ACT going online.


Right now, our only available example of what an online ACT might look like is based on what is being administered at the ACT’s pilot schools. To see an online ACT that students have been taking in selected states and districts, follow this link to the TestNav site and click on “Practice Tests” at the bottom right.

The ACT will continue to offer paper versions of the test. In fact, they must, because the current online test is not enabled to provide for certain types of student accommodations. However, digital administration of the ACT also raises questions of score equivalency and test administration equity, which haven’t really been answered. Districts and schools with limited technological support may not be able to participate in computer-based testing. Additionally, the process of setting up an ACT-approved testing environment is very complicated.

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