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“Shawn and I were extremely happy with Summit and his tutor. She was sweet and patient, knowledgeable and personable. She gave Shawn the confidence and support, along with techniques to apply on the test.”

Tracie N., Parent

“Tessa was a very good tutor. She explained the materials in a thorough and understandable way. She had Kate fully prepared for her first shot at the SSAT, as demonstrated by her 90%.”

Lisa F., Parent

“David quickly figured out our son’s academic weaknesses, and he helped him to deal with some of the weaknesses and to strategize how to take the SSAT. Good tutor, good teacher, nice guy. I highly recommend him.”

Miriam J., Parent

“Mike was my daughter's ACT tutor and we were very happy working with him. Mike communicated every aspect of the tutoring process with us from our time schedule to the details of the ACT and his follow-up was 100%. Mike taught the ACT content clearly, explained the many ways to navigate the test through managing time, etc. He instilled confidence in my daughter that she would not have attained without him. Thank you.”

Elaine E., Parent

“David was wonderful! He was able to meet with our son Max, assess his strengths and weaknesses, and work with him to improve his ACT scores. His score increase was much larger than we were expecting! I can see David’s work with Max carrying over into his classes as well, as he is now getting As in English, while he has never done so before.”

Amanda B., Parent

“Drew is the best tutor out there! He knows and understands the SAT test inside and out and has been able to communicate the best working strategies to help Robert achieve his best score. Drew’s personality is a perfect fit for our shy son too. He is outgoing, enthusiastic and encouraging about Robert’s potential while also being realistic and sincere. Also, he is patient which Robert appreciates the most.”

Karen L., Parent

“Nat Alderman. Nat was excellent. Very accommodating to our schedule. Brian wanted to improve his English SAT score and we only had a few weeks before the next SAT session. Nat focused on the areas that Brian needed help. Nat gave excellent strategies for understanding the readings and taking the test. He also spent part of a session going over a few items in Math. Brian already had an excellent math score, but he hoped to improve it a little if possible.”

Karen A., Parent

“Colleen is amazing! She has been flexible with scheduling and is so knowledgeable with all aspects of the SAT. Hunter has truly enjoyed working with her.”

Michelle H., Parent

“Roni’s knowledge of the SAT and test-taking strategies was exceptional. He provided the perfect mixture of encouragement and discipline.”

Sara R., Parent

“I thought Sahana was a very strong tutor and was able to quickly relate to Katie. Each session she was focused and pushed Katie to work hard and make improvements in all areas of study. She understands the mind of a 17-year-old girl and was able to make each session fun. She was very supportive of Katie and encouraged her to believe in her abilities and helped to increase her confidence.”

Shelley W., Parent

“If every teacher could implement Michael's teaching methods, our schools would produce confident students who achieve to the best of their ability. He assessed Lillian's learning style and tailored her sessions based on that profile. He provided in-depth reports after lessons and promptly sent the homework for the following week. Michael was completely invested in Lillian’s learning and improvement.”

Jeanie O., Parent

“Jonathan was an incredible source of help, support, and encouragement for Clay since the beginning of 2020, throughout a roller-coaster of a process due to COVID. Incredibly knowledgeable, kind and steady, completely reliable, and proactive about providing Clay with the help and support he has needed. We could not be more grateful!”

Nan C., Parent

“Mergim was really helpful and has a gentle, relaxed demeanor. He pinpoints exactly what needs to be worked on and doesn’t waste time on the stuff that doesn’t.”

Darcy H., Parent

“Michael was patient and thoughtful. He was clear and took the time needed to work with Andreas . He was also very accommodating with all our schedules.”

Gail K., Parent

“Mary Kate is an excellent tutor. She connected right away with Charlotte which put Charlotte at ease and made the learning process that much stronger. She did a great job of explaining the material and if Charlotte didn’t understand the concept she was able to explain it a different way.”

Leona Y., Parent

“Lily is the absolute best. She actually does the impossible: makes the tutoring fun and not too stressful.”

Caroline G., Parent

“Brian has not only helped us with Honors Chemistry with great results but with AP Bio as well. In addition to his expertise on many subjects and standardized exams, his teaching is professional and well-adjusted to student’s learning styles. We were lucky to work with such a good tutor.”

Joan F., Parent

“Sara- was amazing. it did not take her long to figure out who our child is and how she learns. she quickly talked about her three pillars- mental, strategy, and competency. She is the best tutor we have had throughout the girls’ school careers. I look forward to continuing with her until Caroline achieves her goals. we are so lucky to have found her.”

Mary Lou A., Parent

“Nat was excellent. Focused on the areas that needed the most work and found some time to spend on the areas of strength as well to keep up the skills. Was very accommodating to our schedule. Very personable. My son really enjoyed working with him.”

Karen A., Parent

“Susan was the perfect tutor for my daughter! In this challenging time that only allowed for remote/online sessions, Susan made it work and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Susan thoroughly explained the concepts in a manner that matched my daughter’s learning style, she respected that my daughter was juggling other commitments in and out of school, and she always kept me in the loop with a session re-cap correspondence. Many thanks to Susan!”

Rebecca B., Parent

“Ben is on point focused and provides tips and instruction tailored to your child's needs. His follow up comments and suggestions were detailed and extremely helpful.”

Cindy K., Parent

“John listened to Katie’s concerns and tailored an approach to help her with her Geometry frustration. She’s feeling ready to take the upcoming exam!”

Becky L., Parent

“I’ve been in higher ed for 35+ years, and I go out of my way to recommend Summit because of the TREMENDOUS help you were to my three kids. Summit makes a huge impact on the college search process and I’m very grateful.”

Dave T.

“When the head of my school asked me to look for a reputable test prep agency, I did not have to look far. As such it has been my pleasure for the last ten years to be associated with Summit. The group is one of the most reputable and ethical organizations in the field of test preparation.”

John Merrill

“Summit’s approach to test prep is informed, thoughtful and principled. Their tutors turn down the temperature on a very stressful part of the college process, helping students keep it in perspective. They keep abreast of trends and changes so students are in the best possible position when they sit for the tests. In this wide field of test prep companies, Summit is a standout!”

Betsy Feiner

“Three months ago I never would have believed that I could score 700 on the reading section. I wholeheartedly believe that my success on reading and writing can mainly be attributed to your tutoring; thank you so much for your help!”

Tim D., Student

“Our tutor has been wonderful. She certainly provided lots of incentive for my daughter to study hard – and Summit’s almost immediate feedback on the tests is a great help. For both of my daughters, the Summit tutors have proved to be mentors as well as instructors. It is a pleasure to work with your group.”

Deborah H., Parent

“Judy has been great with my daughter. She has taught her lots of things about the ACTs. And she has done a great job of inspiring her to take practice tests and to do well on the ACTs.”

Jodi G., Parent

“Katherine did a wonderful job with my son Tim. She was very professional and friendly. She helped Tim gain confidence in his ability to do well on the ACT. I would recommend Katherine to anyone looking for a tutor.”

Mary S., Parent

“Andrew Parker was a FANTASTIC tutor for my 16 year old son Jack. Jack really liked working with Andrew, liked his style, and looked forward to his visits.”

Johanna K., Parent

“I’m very happy with Summit. I went into my second time at taking the SAT’s with confidence. I feel like they prepared me very well.”

Tammy P., Student

“[Our tutor] connected with my daughter beautifully and kept her on track and learning. Even at late hours of the night. My daughter really felt good about her ability to learn.”

Julianne P., Parent

“The work you did with my students over this year was life changing for all of them. They all have wonderful schools to go to, and Summit makes the difference. Thank you.”

Laurie Geromini

“Our instructor was really nice and understanding – and she always explained difficult concepts really well.”

Lexington Christian Academy Student

“Thank you for all your help with Jim this past year! It has been great to see his work quality (especially writing) and confidence grow so dramatically.”

Jill H.

“We were completely delighted with the tutoring provided by Meg and Jonathan. We haven’t received final grades yet but I am quite sure that they are so, so much better than they were at mid-term.”

Stacy M.

“We LOVE Jackie. I am so happy it’s such a good fit. Even in the relatively brief time she’s been working with us, Maddie has achieved excellent grades on things Jackie helped her with.”

Val E., Parent

“As the parent of two twenty-somethings and a high school sophomore, I should feel comfortable about the college admissions and testing process. Not so. I recently attended a free info session on the redesigned SAT hosted by Summit Educational Group. The presentation was informative, relevant and extremely helpful for any parent with a high school student entering the college process. It is especially relevant for those in the class of 2017 who have the option of taking the old and the new SAT. The folks at Summit are on the frontlines–garnering information, vetting it and relaying it back to ensure the success of their students.”

Ann Casella

“It is important for us as educators to understand the changes to the SAT. Brian gave a thoughtful and compressive overview to our faculty. They greatly appreciated the historical background as well as comparative information he provided. They now feel in a much better place to help support students as they counsel them on what college entrance exams they should pursue.”

Dr. John Buckey, Principal

“Michael Dean of the Summit Educational Group, came to our school and delivered a presentation on the new SAT that was comprehensive, very informative and both reassuring and encouraging. He deftly walked us through the background of the SAT and explained in clear language the various changes occurring within the test and the intent behind them. Both parents and students left the presentation with a greater understanding of the new test and expressed that attending was well worth their time. Thank you, Michael. Great Job!”

Edward Sembor

“The “New SAT” presentation delivered by Michael Dean was just what our Guidance Department and Administration needed to help us sort out how the new SAT will impact us and how we should counsel our students. Michael’s detailed knowledge of both the ACT and the SAT – including the upcoming changes to the SAT – allowed him to clarify the choices in front of us in a completely unbiased way. We are in a better place now to make a decision thanks to his help.”

Charlie Drane, Vice Principal

“The simulated “real test” environment for taking practice tests (for free) is a very practical and important feature of signing up with Summit. The office staff is responsive and helpful and the course materials are excellent.”

Lee L.

“Just wanted to let you know that Mark got his ACT scores back and we are beyond thrilled!!! He received a composite score of 32! In English and in Reading he received 33s, in Math a 29, and a 31 in Science! He enjoyed working with Zack and it clearly made a huge difference during his final push to prepare for the test!”

Tracie N., Parent

“My tutor Jono was really encouraging and patient. He helped me a lot and improved my performance in both testing and in school! My confidence was definitely boosted.” Screen reader support enabled.”

Jillian L.

“As is always the case with Summit, we got so much more than we had hoped for when we asked Charlie to speak. His thorough, calm, and detailed presentation put the SAT changes into historical perspective and drilled down to allow parents to understand how the new test will be scored. Most importantly, he confirmed our recommendations, allowing our families to leave the presentation feeling much calmer than when they arrived — always the sign of a successful parent program. We would recommend this presentation to any interested school or organization seeking to inform and calm concerned parents.”

Amy Selinger

“The topic of standardized testing is often the most intimidating and overwhelming aspect of the college process. Charlie [Hearn’s] knowledge on all aspect of these tests is inexhaustible, yet he present only the most relevant information thorough a clear, efficient, and effective message, leaving families both comfortable and confident. He also understands high school student and the pressures they face.”

David Lyons

“The Summit presentation on the New SAT was clear, concise, and honest. All of the questions I had about the new SAT going into the presentation were not only answered, but they were discussed in terms both teacher and student impact which was very helpful.”

Courtney Miller

“What drew me to Summit over other test prep organizations was the ability to do specialized tutoring and to customize programs to meet my students’ needs. Also, Summit continues to work to develop us as educators. We are offered opportunities to learn new skills and get additional training.”

Tonya P.

“The flexibility, the quality of the curriculum, the ability to reach a diverse group of students, and feeling like you make a difference in the life of a child.”

Terri D.

“I have an incredible amount of autonomy in my teaching. I am able to truly customize every program for each student.”

Lev N.

“I get to work with caring, insightful Summit colleagues who are always willing to brainstorm over any question or problem I pose. I also get to use Summit’s well-written materials to help test-prep students. I feel supported in doing my best.”

Elaine H.

“I appreciate the teamwork at Summit that allows me to focus on tutoring rather than all the other necessary, but non-tutoring tasks required. The office’s support means that I can focus on working with my students to maximize their potential.”

Wes I.

“Summit is peerless in the depth and usefulness of their products. The methodical way in which their workbooks walk students through the means for improving their scores sets them apart from their competitors.”

Catherine Neumayr

“In my opinion as a professional SAT tutor of 9+ years, Summit’s materials are the best available because they successfully blend principles of academic skill instruction with standardized test instruction.”

Ashley P., Tutor

“My husband and I want you to know how grateful we are for Kelly and Jonathan’s extraordinary support and professionalism since we started working with Summit last summer. [Our son], in turn, thinks the world of Jonathan, who has been extremely helpful in easing his anxiety about taking standardized tests, and has equipped him with countless strategies to dissect any test he takes.”

Polly B., Parent

“Great news! Michael got into Indiana University! Summit and Zdenka were amazing. We really appreciated your calm and cooling advice.”

Amber W., Parent

“Susan is outstanding!! She truly loves history and it shows. She is flexible, prompt and very engaging. My daughter loved working with her. We will be using her for AP History next year.”

Chris S., Parent

“I love the students. I love that by teaching them, they learn and I learn, too. Plus, I get to work with caring, insightful Summit colleagues who are always willing to brainstorm over any question or problem I pose. I also get to use Summit’s well-written materials to help test-prep students. I feel supported in doing my best.”

Elaine H.

“I love when I hear from students after test results come out, and they are happy with their scores. It’s exciting to see our hard work together pay off in such measurable ways, but also to see the effects that cannot be measured, like increased confidence and decreased test anxiety.”

Michelle H.

“As a Director of College Counseling, I find it reassuring to know that when a family engages Summit, we can rest assured that you and your team will work with this student and his or her parents with the utmost care, concern and professionalism.”

Michael Denning

“There are many “test prep” organizations available, but none that are as appropriate for and focused on the needs of our students as that of Summit Educational Group. Our students and their families benefit from the individualized approach.”

Amy Swords

“Summit is an extremely responsive, flexible and professional organization. When students ask me about test prep options, I always begin by mentioning Summit.”

Jennifer Graham

“Summit has presented to our parents, trustees and faculty on different occasions. The message is clear, educated, and reassuring to all audiences. Their obvious commitment to providing the best test prep and information on standardized testing has been a critical part of our college program’s momentum.”

Ann Selvitelli

“Our son, thinks the world of Jonathan, who has been extremely helpful in easing his anxiety about standardized tests, and has equipped him with countless strategies to dissect any test he takes.”

Polly B.

“We had our last session with Leah yesterday and I have to tell you how exceptional she is. Her command of the ISEE test material was fantastic. Her ability to translate that knowledge into terms a 10 year old could grasp and learn from was outstanding. Thank you again – you run a great program with great tutors!”

Sarah B.

“Summit has become a wonderful resource for me. Our tutor Drew helped me develop a plan for my daughter for her testing. I have already recommended Summit to many friends.”

Chris S., Parent

“Zdenka was an unbelievable tutor. In the end, she has become part of our family. In addition to being super smart, she was always positive and enthusiastic during her sessions and kept the lines of communication open.”

Robin D.

“Donal is a phenomenal tutor. He has a wealth of information and is patient and insightful. He covered each aspect of the exam in great detail and with lots of encouragement.”

Sally F.

“Laura has worked with Hannah for several weeks now (both prepping for the SAT in May and the Subject tests in June). Hannah has responded well to not only how Laura teaches but the material that’s covered as well.”

Diana M.

“The Program Directors are excellent. I liked that they educated me on best practices as well as looked at my son’s specific situation to make recommendations tailored to him.”

Evelyn S., Parent

“Fabulous service, wonderful customer service. Tutors are absolutely excellent, would recommend them to anyone.”

Beverly N

“We were extremely pleased with their professionalism and with the score improvement of our girls. I have worked with several test prep companies and have been most satisfied with Summit.”

Clarissa B.

“Summit is not a machine. They are willing to design a program to fit our schedule and suited to our students. We cannot be more pleased with our choice to use Summit. Summit has delivered a program that has worked well for our students. We hope to continue the partnership for years to come.”

Cornelia B.

“You have helped me look good at what I do. And you have helped our students produce strong applications to colleges.”

Kate C.

“I wanted to tell you about my SAT score which went up by more than 200 points. Total 2220!!!! Thank you so much for your help”

Julian D.

“Our students and parents were quite pleased with the program. Your teachers were very well-prepared and clearly enjoy what they are doing. Michael, you and your staff are a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Summit this coming fall.”

Joan Perrault

“I absolutely love the Summit Test Center! The score reports are incredibly useful during Family Meetings. I’m able to go through each section and point out trends as well as create a customized tutoring plan for what the student needs to focus on.”

Minina A.

“Working with Summit was a smooth and seamless process to get our entire organization launched on the online Test Center. From our internal team to our tutors, everyone raves about the professional score reports with in-depth analysis.”

Peter C.

“Excellent job finding the right tutors for the individual student needs!”

Michele D., Parent

“Absolutely top-notch in terms of staff. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly! Perfect materials aimed at ensuring all critical areas are covered. Wonderful services in terms of students’ abilities to take diagnostic tests in a testing environment at Summit’s offices.”

Debbie N., Parent

“Allison is a great tutor, and really patient and calm as well as experienced. She always gave my younger daughter the feeling of being more relaxed and less stressed. Jessica went to Derby, but was also accepted at Thayer and Tabor! Thank you.”

Cristina F, Parent

“The system is great, very simple to use.”

Vedika K.

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