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SAT & PSAT Test Prep

Summit’s customized one-on-one SAT and PSAT tutoring has helped thousands of students achieve their score goals, helping them to stand out in college applications. With a game plan that includes learning strategies for every question type, building out core academic knowledge, and taking proctored SAT and PSAT practice tests, Summit students gain the confidence and knowledge they need to score to their full potential on test day.



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ACT Test Prep

Over the last 20 years, the ACT has become a more popular option for college admissions tests. However, its content, format, and difference from the SAT are still a mystery to many parents. At Summit, we are experts on the ACT. We know the fine points of the ACT and have crafted our proprietary curriculum to help your students reach their full potential on this test. Let us help answer your questions and eliminate the unknowns.

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one on one tutoring

Subject Tutoring

Targeted support from a subject-matter expert not only helps students fill learning gaps, but also equips them with valuable study, organizational, and learning skills that will set them up for success in life beyond the classroom. Tutors help students take ownership of their own learning in a supportive way. This is why Summit’s customized programs are so effective at improving academic performance.

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AP Tutoring

The movement toward test-optional admissions has intensified competition at selective colleges. Taking and performing well in AP courses help students demonstrate their readiness for the rigors of college-level work. Many institutions report that a student’s successful AP experience favorably impacts admission decisions.

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AP Exam Prep

When your student works with Summit for AP exam prep, they will learn insider strategies on how to master AP test-taking, fill in their knowledge gaps in one-on-one sessions with highly qualified tutors, and take practice AP exams to boost their confidence and track their progress.

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One-on-One Peak Math

Summit’s Peak Math courses leverage discovery-based learning to give students a deeper understanding of math. These courses address material on a more rigorous level, strengthening problem-solving ability, improving content mastery, and bolstering confidence. Peak Math courses are a great way for younger students to prepare for the advanced, honors, and AP courses ahead.

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One-on-One Peak Writing

In Summit’s Peak Writing course, an expert writing tutor will guide your student to learn the ins and outs of quality analytical writing. Students will learn how to read literature analytically, how to annotate a text, how to write a compelling and supportable thesis, and more! As their confidence and capabilities as a writer grow, your student will feel better prepared to excel both in current classes and in the higher-level English and history classes that lie ahead. 

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Foundations of SAT & ACT

The Foundations program is a perfect opportunity to maximize the efficiency of future SAT and ACT prep. Your student will be set up for success by working one-on-one with an expert tutor who will fill in any gaps and ensure that your student is strong on the foundations of upcoming college admission tests. The added benefit? Bolstering academic skills.

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SSAT & ISEE Test Prep

For many students, the SSAT or ISEE represents their first experience with admission testing. At Summit, we take the stress out of test prep with the implementation of a sane and sensible test prep plan, customized to each student’s academic needs. Tutoring lessons are focused on the content and strategies that will help the student reach their score goals.

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Academic Manager

Summit’s one-on-one Academic Managers help your student stay on track and engaged with their schoolwork, and provide instructional support when needed. They collaborate with students to create work and study plans for homework, quizzes, and tests through regular 30-minute sessions. It’s a valuable opportunity for students to learn accountability and organizational skills alongside someone they trust, to coach and support them. 

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