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Winter/Spring ’17 SAT and ACT Score Release Schedule


One of the things which really concerned and frustrated families about the Redesigned SAT last year (and which helped fuel the increased demand for the ACT) was the very long lag time between test date and score release date that coincided with the advent of the revised test –as long as six to eight weeks. The College Board was able to make dramatic improvements on that front this past fall, cutting score return times to around three weeks. Turnaround times are set to increase again this winter and spring, however, although thankfully not to anywhere close to what we saw last year. In most cases, students will have their scores from January, March, May, and June SAT administrations within five weeks of the test date. It should be noted that the ACT will continue to set the pace for fastest score turnaround times, with scores from winter and spring ’17 administrations coming back within four weeks (some ACT test takers may even receive their scores within two weeks!).

Here is a complete SAT and ACT score release timetable for upcoming winter and spring tests. As always, please contact us with any questions!

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