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Personalized, engaging math programs for grades 4–10

Has your student been sufficiently challenged in math this year?  Is your student equipped to succeed in math going forward?

Working one-on-one with an expert math teacher is the ideal environment for building strong math students and cultivating a love of math. And through our suite of customized, one-on-one math programs, supported by a nationally-recognized curriculum and taught by our top math tutors, building strong students who love math is just what we do. We call our program Peak Math. Prioritizing your student’s unique personality, strengths, and needs, your Summit Peak Math tutor will tailor their instruction to ensure your student will get the most out of their tutoring experience.

For the student who is strong in math and looking to grow: Summit’s one-on-one Peak Math programs, featuring personalized curriculum and mentored learning to help them excel.

One-on-One lessons taught by Summit’s top math tutors

We offer six different math courses: Grade 4 Math, Grade 5 Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. Our immersive one-on-one programs lead to eager engagement with math — not frustration. Peak Math provides the keys to better grades and content mastery that open the doors to higher-level math classes in the future.

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A rewarding, rigorous curriculum

Confidence, problem-solving capability, curiosity, and determination are the hallmarks of successful math students. In our Peak Math program, students are encouraged to be bold with their problem-solving as they take on increasingly challenging questions and puzzles. Through it all, they’ll learn the power of perseverance and the satisfaction to be found in small victories along the way.

Customized One-on-One Peak Math Courses, Grades 4-6.

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Setting a foundation

Grades 4th-6th is an ideal time for students to begin developing an intuitive math sense, while also building their fluency in essential topics. The focus is not on memorization, but on building a student’s true, deep-rooted understanding. This gives them the skills they need to succeed, not only in current math classes, but is also foundational to future success in algebra.


Math 1

Through lessons and games, students explore and learn about shapes, multiplication, exponents, counting, division, and logical reasoning.


Math 2

Students learn by discovering the rules and concepts behind factors, fractions, integers, decimals, and probability.



Math 1

Students are engaged in discovery about solids, integers, expressions, equations, statistics, factors, multiples, and fractions.


Math 2

Students develop a deep understanding of sequences, ratios & rates, decimals, percents, square roots, and exponents.



PreAlgebra 1

Grounded in the fundamentals of fractions, exponents, and decimals, students explore number theory and algebra, including common divisors and multiples, primes and prime factorizations, basic equations and inequalities, and ratios.


PreAlgebra 2

This builds off the concepts mastered in Prealgebra 1 by introducing percents and square roots; dives into an exploration of geometric tools and strategies, and provides an introduction to topics in discrete mathematics and statistics; continues to explore and develop general problem-solving strategies.


Customized One-on-One Peak Math Courses, Grades 7-10.

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Mastering Concepts

A deep dive into algebra and geometry for students in 7th – 10th grade helps them become more focused in their math study. This foundation is not only essential for students to excel in their current math classes. It’s also preparation for the harder math that students will encounter in their more advanced math classes later in high school.


Intro to Algebra Part 1

Students explore fundamental concepts of algebra, including exponents and radicals, linear equations and inequalities, ratio and proportion, systems of linear equations, factoring quadratics, complex numbers, completing the square, and the quadratic formula. View the course syllabus.


Intro to Algebra Part 2

Students take a deeper dive into algebra, through an exploration of quadratics, systems of equations, clever factorizations, complex numbers, functions, graphing, sequences and series, special functions, exponents and logarithms, and more.



Intro to Geometry Part 1

Students discover the fundamentals of geometry, with the emphasis on angles, triangle similarity and congruence, complicated area problems, mastering the triangle, special quadrilaterals, and polygons.


Intro to Geometry Part 2

Building on the fundamentals of geometry, students tackle the concepts of the power of a point, 3-dimensional geometry, transformations, analytic geometry, basic trigonometry, and geometric proofs, and more.



Intermediate Algebra Part 1

Students explore advanced quadratics, polynomials, conics, general functions, and more.


Intermediate Algebra Part 2

Students deepen their mastery of algebra by exploring logarithms, clever factorizations and substitutions, systems of equations, sequences and series, symmetric sums, advanced factoring methods, classical inequalities, functional equations, and more.

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Meet Some of Our Top Math Teachers

Benjamin Park

Ben Park graduated from MIT with dual degrees in physics and music. Since then he has focused on music composition and has completed his doctorate at the New England Conservatory. In addition to the eight plus years Ben has been tutoring for Summit, he also enjoys hiking and baking and teaching music theory at Boston College (though usually not all at the same time). College, degree obtained: MIT, BS, Physics MIT, BS, Music Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford, Master of Music Composition New England Conservatory, Doctorate, Composition

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