Concordance Table: Compare Your Score to the Equivalent SAT/ACT Score

November 30, 2021

In June 2018, The College Board, ACT, and NCAA released an updated concordance between SAT and ACT scores. College admissions officers use the Concordance to compare SAT and ACT scores of different applicants. School counselors and families might use concordance tables in two ways:

  1. The concordance table allows students to compare scores from taking practice ACT and SAT tests to focus their test prep on one test or the other.
  2. PSAT score is often a good indicator of a potential SAT score. Use the same SAT score to compare with ACT scores.
  3. For students who have taken both the official SAT and ACT tests, the concordance table can be used to compare scores to determine which to send to colleges.

For guidance on deciding between the SAT and ACT, check out our post SAT VS. ACT COMPARISON: WHICH TEST TO TAKE?


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