Student using a computer to take a digital version of the SAT.

Digital SAT Update – New Summit Practice Test Launching This Spring

March 15, 2023

The SAT is going digital in the spring of 2024 with students taking the digital PSAT this October 2023. The digital SAT (dSAT) went into effect for international students this spring, and Summit has already worked with a number of students to help them prepare for the test. 

As a reminder, this affects U.S.-based students in the class of 2025 and younger. Our current juniors (class of 2024) are unaffected by this change. 

We are ready. Our curriculum team has spent the past year or so updating all of our test prep materials and training our tutors. We’re excited for the change, and we think that students will like the new format. We are looking forward to helping students score to their true potential on the new SAT.

In addition, we are finalizing our own, new digital adaptive practice test that will be available to students later this spring. This will allow students to have a convenient and accessible way to experience this new test.  

In addition to providing guidance to families, we’ve also led a number of workshops for our school partners to help them navigate the changes so that they have a better understanding of the content and format of this test. 

In short, we are ready and excited to help our families and students navigate this most recent change to the standardized testing landscape. As always, Summit is here to provide sane and sensible advice as our sophomores start on this path. Please reach out to us for practice tests, general advice, and guidance in mapping out your student’s testing plan. As we learn even more information, we will keep you posted. We will also let you know when students can start taking our new digital, adaptive SAT practice test.Feel free to reach out with any questions you have, or if you’d like assistance in creating your student’s testing plan. Standardized testing for college admissions can be confusing and overwhelming at times. We’re always happy to be a resource to families and counselors. Contact us at 1-800-MY-TUTOR or for everything you need to know about the digital SAT.


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