The New MyACT Student Account Page

December 15, 2020

In late 2020, the ACT updated how students can view their official score results. When students log into their MyACT accounts, they will now see an interactive report that allows them to easily view detailed analyses of their test results, find areas for further improvement, and send scores.

To view the new MyACT features, students can sign into their account on the ACT website and click the “Scores” tab at the top of their account page.

Test Result Features

For each administration of the ACT, students can access the following features:

My Score Details – This shows a breakdown of subject-area performance. For example, students can compare their achievement in areas of algebra, and statistics. This can help students determine areas to focus on to improve their scores.

How do I Compare – This shows students’ percentile ranks for their Composite score and individual test scores. They can check their ranks among students nationally or just within their own states.

Am I Ready for College – Students’ scores are compared against the college readiness benchmarks. If a score meets the benchmark, the student has at least a 50% chance of earning a grade of B or higher in relevant first-year college courses.

My Interests – This connects to the Interest Inventory, a survey of 72 questions that helps students find occupations and college majors that match their passions.

Send this Score – Scores can be sent to schools or scholarship agencies.

Sending Superscores

Notably, the ACT has recently endorsed the use of superscoring. A superscore is an ACT Composite Score based on the highest individual test scores from multiple administrations of the official test. For example, if a student’s highest Math and Reading scores were from an October test and highest Science and English scores were from December, the superscore would be based on these scores. A superscore shows a student’s top potential, and the ACT has proven it to be a more accurate predictor of student ability.

On students’ MyACT pages, they can view their superscores, which is automatically calculated from their test results. Students can choose to send their superscores to colleges. Note that some colleges do not consider superscores and will instead consider the highest Composite score from a single test administration.

Example of the new layout of  Students’ myACT Score Report


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