Did Your Online SSAT or ISEE Get Canceled? Here are your options.

November 18, 2020

As we get deeper into SSAT and ISEE season, we are seeing that both testing bureaus have experienced technical issues resulting in cancellations of some online at-home test dates. While rescheduling a canceled test is easy to accomplish on the testing company websites, we wanted to remind families of alternate options they have for taking the tests.


If the Enrollment Management Association cancels your at-home online SSAT, you can select an upcoming SSAT at Home test date on its website. The organization posts the latest updates on SSAT at Home testing cancellations here. While EMA hopes to add more dates to make up for cancellations, we recommend selecting a test date that is currently available.  If, in fact, more test dates are added, you could always add another one.  (Students can take up to 5 at-home online tests in the same testing season of August 1st – July 31st)

Here are additional ways to take the SSAT (please note that the testing fees may vary).

  • Computer-Based SSAT at a Prometric test center, (students are limited to 2 per testing season).

You need to travel to the test center, at which the test is administered online. Search for available Prometric test centers here. Be sure to select, Test Sponsor/Program “SSAT by The Enrollment Management Association”.

  • Paper-Based Flex Tests administered by schools and educational consultants, (students are limited to 1 flex test per testing season).

You need to travel to the educational consultant or school offering the test, at which the test is administered with paper and pencil. Find a list of schools and educational consultants who administer Flex tests.

NOTE: It is common for private middle or elementary schools to run flex testing for their school population. If your student participated in a flex test offered at their school, that uses up their 1 flex test opportunity for the season and the student cannot go on to take a flex test with a consultant.


?The ISEE is very similar with one key difference being the limitation of one test per “testing window”.  The fall testing window runs through November and the winter window starts in December and runs through March.

By visiting the ISEE search page, you can search by geography, type of test (paper or online), etc., and see the different available options, which include Prometric test centers and schools. Many independent schools are running paper ISEE tests for prospective students.  Because of physical distancing requirements, those tests have limited seats available.

Families who know they want their student to test at a Prometric test center can also visit the Prometric website and view ISEE availability there. Be sure to select, Test Sponsor/Program “Educational Records Bureau”.

We hope that this information is helpful. As always, please reach out to your Summit program director with any questions.