Summer Math Learning: Building Stronger Students Through Discovery-Based Programs

April 14, 2022

Does your student have a particularly difficult math course on the horizon this September? Are you worried that your student was not sufficiently challenged in math this past year, or that they struggled to stay engaged in class? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, summer is an excellent time for your student to reinforce their math skills. Through the discovery-based learning model, Summit’s Peak Math programs provide the keys to better grades and content mastery that open the doors to higher-level math classes in the future. 

The Discovery Learning Model

It’s widely accepted that inquiry-based learning curriculums are the best way for students to learn math. In a conventional math classroom, groups of students are presented with a rule and then complete practice problems to help students memorize that rule. In discovery learning, the rule is the destination. Instead of simply being given the rule, students are guided through problems and discover the rules themselves. In this model of learning, the emphasis is on exploring and discovering math concepts, not simply memorizing them, to help students deepen their understanding.

Building Confidence

Confidence in math comes from genuine mastery. We’ve all had that experience of simply memorizing math formulas just long enough to get through a test without fully understanding what we were actually doing. While this may achieve the grade in the short term, it does not adequately prepare students to be able to apply their knowledge to harder math questions.  It also does not create a strong math foundation to build on so students can excel in their harder math courses in the future.

The Strength of the One-on-One Tutoring Model

One-on-one tutoring has long been recognized as the most effective method of instruction. Summit’s one-one- one Peak Math tutoring sessions are geared to your student’s particular pace, learning style, and specific areas of need so that they will master the math concepts that they are learning. Tutoring takes place online or in your home, on your student’s schedule. Got vacation plans? No worries. There is no package to purchase, so you are only paying for the tutoring sessions that take place.

Summit offers six different Peak Math courses: Grade 4 Math, Grade 5 Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.   

Peak Math is the ideal choice for families who want to enjoy their summer plans while ensuring that their students are prepared for their harder math classes that they will face this fall.