Summer Tutoring: A Golden Opportunity for Any Student

April 14, 2022

Though it may not feel like it, summer will be here soon. Just because the school year ends in June doesn’t mean you have to forget about academics! Rather, the summer months give students the freedom to approach their education on their own terms. 

During the school year, students are under pressure to match their learning to the pace of their classes. Some feel rushed; others are held back. Personalized, one-on-one tutoring can help overcome the pressure to keep pace. Whether it means catching up or getting ahead, students can move at their own speed with customized guidance from an expert tutor, and summer is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the benefits.

Summer Tutoring Works with Your Other Plans

Of course, students are busy. Summit understands the value of activities—after all, a well-rounded transcript helps to set any application apart. But many students are less busy during the summer than during the school year! That makes summer a great time to fit in standardized test prep, subject tutoring, or advanced math and writing programs, none of which need to interfere with your other summer plans. 

The customizable nature of one-on-one tutoring makes it easy to fit into your schedule. Summit does not deal in packages, so there is no set number of sessions: you pay as you go, for just the sessions you schedule with your tutor, and you don’t have to worry about missing that annual family trip. A single 60- or 90-minute session a week is enough to help a student maintain their academic chops and prepare for the new challenges to come in the fall. 

Who Should Consider Summer Tutoring?

A little extra structure and study can benefit just about any student, but at Summit, we find that middle- and high-schoolers in particular see great rewards from summer tutoring. 

Middle school is a time of significant transition for students. They typically begin to encounter more challenging class material right around the time that they leave elementary school behind, and the difficulty level will continue to increase for the rest of their academic careers. For high school students, each new year brings greater challenges while upcoming college applications also make grades more important than ever before. Summit can help prepare students for the transitions from middle to high school and from one grade level to the next. 

For students who are concerned about coping with the increased demand and faster pace of the coming school year, a personalized preview of the material they can expect to see goes a long way. Familiarity is an excellent confidence booster that helps students start a new school year on the right foot, knowing that they will be able to keep up

If your student has struggled with a subject this year, the summer months offer a golden opportunity to leverage the benefits of the one-on-one tutoring model. Summit’s tutoring is private, customized, and conducted at a comfortable pace—allowing students to confront and overcome challenges in a supportive, low-pressure environment.

Summer tutoring is not just for filling in gaps—it’s also perfect for getting ahead. Students who have not felt sufficiently challenged during the school year can make use of the summer months to stretch their academic legs. Working with a subject matter expert, they’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper and enhance their learning with professional guidance matched to their preferred pace.

Even if you’re expecting an easy transition for your student in the fall, we all know these last few years have been less than ideal on the academic front. COVID learning loss remains a concern, and it will only be compounded by the age-old threat of the “summer slide.” Many students are just hitting their stride in this new world of COVID-adapted learning models. One-on-one tutoring is an excellent way to ensure that your student maintains their momentum, keeps their skills sharp, and does not face the additional stress of playing catch-up at the start of the new year. 

Summit’s expert tutors meet your student exactly where they are, and the beauty of one-on-one is that students need only concern themselves with their own benchmarks. 

Which Programs Are Available?

Summer tutoring gives students at all levels the opportunity to build confidence in their own critical-thinking skills, identify their own strengths, and feel ready for what’s to come. 

Summit has a number of programs that may fit the bill, depending on your individual student’s needs. Each is personalized and will be managed by a dedicated Program Director and a tutor who will be carefully matched to your student.

Subject Tutoring 

Best for: students in 5th-12th grade who want to catch up or get ahead in a specific subject, or for those who would benefit from a structured approach to their summer assignments.

Targeted support from a subject-matter expert not only helps students fill learning gaps, but also equips them with valuable study, organizational, and learning skills that will set them up for success in life beyond the classroom. Tutors help students take ownership of their own learning in a supportive way. This is why Summit’s customized programs are so effective at improving academic performance.

AP Tutoring

Best for: students taking AP classes in the fall.

AP classes are actually college courses, and they bring a whole new level of rigor that’s typically unfamiliar to high school students. An introduction to the material students will see in the fall gives them the chance to get used to the content and helps them feel more comfortable heading into the course in the fall.

Advanced Peak Math Courses

Best for: students in 4th-10th grade who wish to accelerate their math learning.

Summit’s Peak Math courses leverage discovery-based learning to give students a deeper understanding of math. These courses address material on a more rigorous level, strengthening problem-solving ability, improving content mastery, and bolstering confidence. Peak Math courses are a great way for younger students to prepare for the advanced, honors, and AP courses ahead.

Advanced Peak Writing Course

Best for: students in 8th-10th grade who want to boost their writing capabilities.

In Summit’s Peak Writing course, an expert writing tutor will guide your student to learn the ins and outs of quality analytical writing. Students will learn how to read literature analytically, how to annotate a text, how to write a compelling and supportable thesis, and more! As their confidence and capabilities as a writer grow, your student will feel better prepared to excel both in current classes and in the higher-level English and history classes that lie ahead. 

Foundations of SAT/ACT

Best for: students heading into 10th grade. 

The Foundations program is a perfect opportunity to maximize the efficiency of future SAT and ACT prep. Your student will be set up for success by working one-on-one with an expert tutor who will fill in any gaps and ensure that your student is strong on the foundations of upcoming college admission tests. The added benefit? Bolstering academic skills heading into the fall.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Best for: students entering 11th grade.

Not sure which test is right for you? Take a free practice test now and develop a testing plan. Summit’s customized programs prepare students to score to their true potential on the SAT or ACT, as well as on the PSAT. 

Also good for: students heading into 12th grade who are still hoping to reach their score goal on college admissions tests.


Best for: students applying to independent schools.

For many students, the SSAT or ISEE represents their first experience with admission testing. At Summit, we take the stress out of test prep with the implementation of a sane and sensible test prep plan, customized to each student’s academic needs. With fall test dates on the horizon, summer is the best time for your student to take a free practice test and begin their prep. 

Whether you’re looking for subject-specific tutoring, test prep tutoring, or advanced math and writing programs, the summer months offer a golden opportunity to leverage the benefits of Summit’s one-on-one tutoring model and expert tutors. Contact us about summer tutoring today! Speak with a Program Director to determine the best program and schedule for your student.