For more than 30 years, Summit Educational Group has been preparing students to maximize their scores on standardized tests and helping students improve grades and enhance learning abilities across all subjects while building confidence in academic performance.

Each year, Summit prepares and conducts dozens of presentations to further educate families, students, educational consultants, and school staff members on the college testing process. We host educational webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics including test prep, industry updates, and specialty topics, such as the college athletic recruitment process. We partner with fellow industry experts for some of these presentations.

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Interpreting Your PSAT Score Report

In this webinar, Summit's Chief Brand Ambassador Drew Heilpern, Ph.D., will guide us through an in-depth look at the report so that students and families have a better understanding of their scores and how this report can best be used to identify students’ strengths and areas for future


How to Create a Testing Plan for the SAT or ACT

While there is no single best testing plan, there is a plan that will work best for your student's needs. In this session, we will discuss the factors to consider and the key elements for SAT and ACT testing plans. We'll also share some example testing plans.


Overview of the SSAT and ISEE

Have you heard of the SSAT and ISEE, but are confused as to what they are, or how they are used in the independent school admissions process? In this webinar, we will discuss the basics of the SSAT and ISEE, including how they are scored, and the best ways to prepare for them.


The College Athletic Recruitment Process

View this webinar to learn more about the college athletic recruitment process for student-athletes. Our expert panel, including college coaches and admissions experts, will address a number of topics to provide you with a better sense of what to expect.


Behind the Curtain: An Insider’s Look at College Admissions

Have you ever wondered why one student is admitted to a college and a seemingly like student is not? Tune in to our live webinar with a panel of college representatives and a standardized testing expert for a discussion on how admission decisions are made.


Mini-Webinar: Should I Choose SAT or ACT

A brief overview of the SAT and ACT, including important information to consider when deciding which test is right for your student.


Mini-Webinar: Test Prep: Getting Started

Learn more about the first steps to take in the test prep process.


Mini-Webinar: The Test-Optional Landscape

A brief overview of the current test-optional admissions landscape and what it means for your student.


Mini-Webinar: Test Planning

An overview of the SAT and ACT and how to map out a testing plan for your student.


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