Welcome to Our 2022 Summit Scholars!

December 14, 2022

The Summit Scholars program welcomes this year’s cohort of 10 high school students. We are thrilled to be working with these students, and committed to continuing to grow this program in the years to come.

Summit has made it a priority to be more aware of our place in the community and to do something about the systemic inequality we see around us. Tutoring is what we know and what we do best, so we are giving back in the way we know provides the biggest impact: by offering free, one-on-one, individualized SAT and ACT tutoring to students in underserved communities of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. We are grateful that several of our independent Educational Consultant partners are supporting this program by volunteering their time to provide free college admissions coaching to Summit Scholars, who do not typically have access to these resources in school.

“Summit staff and tutors are excited to be part of this rewarding team effort,” said Diversity Committee Chairperson, Andrea Howland. “We’re honored to have the opportunity to help these exceptional students prepare to showcase their skills on the SAT and ACT and move forward into a successful, supported college application process!”

Meet the Fall 2022 Summit Scholars

These students impressed us with their outstanding grades and coursework, but, even more importantly, they are leaders in their communities — inspiring both their teachers and peers alike. Summit is honored to be working with this group of students, and look forward to supporting their plans for post-secondary education through standardized testing success.

Shirley G., Elmhurst, NY

Victoria A., Bronx, NY

Elinam K., Bronx, NY

Chloe W., Brooklyn, NY

Chelsea D., New York, NY

Alex L., New York, NY

Egypt T., New York, NY

Ann M., Stamford, CT

Josue S., Stamford, CT

How It Works

To recruit this new cohort of high school students, we have again partnered with four organizations: Rosie’s Theater Kids and Columbia’s Double Discovery Center in New York City, Future 5 in Stamford, and Fenway High School in Boston.

Each of these four non-profits has a mission closely aligned with Summit’s own of helping students reach their full potential. Rosie’s Theater Kids enriches children’s lives through arts education. The Roger Lehecka Double Discovery Center supports first-generation college attendees from low-income households through and beyond college. Future 5 connects low-income, high-initiative students in Stamford, CT to resources that help them successfully transition from high school to college or careers. And Fenway High School provides high-quality, personalized education to Boston students, over 90% of whom are people of color.

We are grateful for the assistance of our staff, tutors, partner organizations, and consultants, and are excited to once again be working with such an exceptional group of students. Thank you!