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2021-22 College Admission Testing Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to the SAT, ACT, AP Exams, PSAT, and PreACT.

college admission testing guide

Summit’s annual guide is a free resource to benefit students and parents as they work their way through the standardized testing process. While this guide is helpful for all high school students, it is written primarily for the class of 2022 and reflects “normal” testing and college admission patterns.

The 2021-22 College Admission Testing Guide contains over 90 pages of fully updated, vital information including:

  • Advice for creating a sane and sensible testing plan
  • Admission facts for most major colleges and universities
  • Detailed comparison between the SAT and ACT tests

We believe that, with more education upfront, families and educators are better equipped to create sensible, individualized test preparation plans that will help to reduce stress and improve student performances. We are here to help you navigate the testing landscape!

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