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If your student would benefit from additional support to master the skills necessary for success on the SAT and ACT, we’re here for you. Summit Foundations is our one-on-one tutoring program that focuses specifically on the Math and Verbal content tested on the SAT and ACT. Foundations is geared toward 9th, 10th, and rising 11th graders and designed to ensure they possess a solid “foundation” of core skills prior to beginning SAT and ACT preparation.

A typical Foundations program consists of eight 90-minute, one-on-one tutoring sessions, held according to your student’s schedule, in-home or online. Depending on the needs of your student, we are happy to work with you to customize a Foundations program to a shorter or longer duration.

About Our Curriculum

Summit’s Foundations program uses our evidence-based curriculum, developed and perfected over our 30+ years of educating youth. The curriculum focuses on building core skills in math, reading, and writing — and has the added benefit of increasing your student’s confidence and performance in their everyday academic classes. Sample math topics include algebraic functions, logarithms, and trigonometry. The reading and English curriculum includes critical reading and analysis, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.

How To Begin

To begin, your student will take a diagnostic test to determine their baseline knowledge and the best course of action in a tutoring program. Then, your dedicated Program Director will match your student with a Foundations tutor who best fits their personality, learning style, and academic needs. Our tutors are caring educators with years of experience who know how to engage and motivate youth. Your Summit tutor will customize each lesson to target the specific foundational skills that your student needs to master.

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“Shawn and I were extremely happy with Summit and his tutor. She was sweet and patient, knowledgeable and personable. She gave Shawn the confidence and support, along with techniques to apply on the test.”

Tracie N., Parent

“Summit has become a wonderful resource for me. Our tutor Drew helped me develop a plan for my daughter for her testing. I have already recommended Summit to many friends.”

Chris S., Parent

“The Program Directors are excellent. I liked that they educated me on best practices as well as looked at my son’s specific situation to make recommendations tailored to him.”

Evelyn S., Parent

“Michael was patient and thoughtful. He was clear and took the time needed to work with Andreas . He was also very accommodating with all our schedules.”

Gail K., Parent

“Our tutor has been wonderful. She certainly provided lots of incentive for my daughter to study hard – and Summit’s almost immediate feedback on the tests is a great help. For both of my daughters, the Summit tutors have proved to be mentors as well as instructors. It is a pleasure to work with your group.”

Deborah H., Parent

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