How Academic Tutors Help Students

January 11, 2022

There are many reasons why parents and caregivers hire an academic tutor. In addition to the help they can provide for a particular class or content area, one-on-one tutors bring much more to the table. An individualized program with a tutor that’s been professionally trained will not only help fill the gaps, but also will equip them with valuable study, organizational, and learning skills that will set your student up for success their entire life.

How Students Benefit from Tutoring

Fit — Many of us fondly recall a single favorite teacher out of the dozens we had throughout school, and some of us never had even one teacher with whom we really clicked. School teachers are not selected based on their fit for your student.  At Summit, we take care with every tutor-student match to create that perfect fit, often resulting in a profound connection and a great mentoring relationship. We have the flexibility to select tutors who share interests with the student and who will fit their personality—and we have hundreds of experienced tutors with proven track records to choose from.

Pacing — An expert tutor meets students where they are. They adjust the pacing when they notice that a student is feeling less than confident about a topic, and they can check comprehension levels on a rolling basis. Conversely, tutors can jump ahead to cover more challenging material when they sense the student is ready. In short, tutoring provides constant feedback. In a school setting, teachers and parents sometimes don’t know if a student is excelling or falling behind until term grades come back.

Efficiency — The beauty of one-on-one tutoring is its efficiency. Every lesson is customized to the students’ level, pace, and learning style. It’s fun too, when you have individual attention from a coach dedicated to your success.

Greater self-confidence — When students learn at their own pace using the teaching techniques that are most effective for their particular style, their confidence grows. Students become more engaged in their school classes, which is especially important now during the pandemic. A lot of what today’s students are missing are direct engagement, conversation, and problem-solving strategies. Having a one-on-one tutor provides this and more – they foster a love of learning, ensure comprehension, and encourage a proactive pursuit of answers.

Better grades — One-on-one tutoring is about improving academic performance and becoming a better student. Tutors have the flexibility of revisiting older material (and moving onto new material) at any time. Tutors help students take ownership of their own learning in a supportive, mentoring way.

With school work, students sometimes struggle because they need more time to fully absorb a concept, or they need an alternative explanation or an example that makes better sense to them. In a larger classroom setting, it may be harder for teachers to spot the struggle, or to find the time that is needed for each individual student. But a tutor can adapt their approach fully to meet the student’s needs.

Our tutors are active listeners and skilled academic coaches. They understand that sometimes students just need to sit with a new topic and work it out, however long it takes. Other times, it’s as simple as using different language or a fresh framing. This is why Summit’s customized programs are so effective at improving academic performance.

Why Is Academic Tutoring Especially Important Now?

Unfortunately, these days, students continue to miss critical lessons due to illness, quarantine requirements, and remote learning challenges. And, eventually, when it comes time for college applications, college admission teams will be looking closely not only at a student’s GPA but also that student’s academic rigor: the percentage of AP and honors courses a student takes, and the extent to which they have challenged themselves.

This is why one-on-one tutoring is worth the investment. It ensures that students are on track to take more challenging courses, do well in them, and reach their full academic potential.

Whether your student is hoping to catch up or to get ahead, our one-on-one academic support programs can help. Contact us to discuss how we can help your student get a boost in their learning.


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