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Summit’s 1-1 Peak Academic Math and Writing Courses

March 15, 2023

Summit’s one-on-one advanced math and writing courses are designed to strengthen students’ understanding of key concepts and increase their confidence. These customized courses, 1-1 Peak Math and 1-1 Peak Writing are taught by a select group of Summit’s highly qualified teachers.

The course curricula focus on important topics that students need to master to accelerate their learning in math and improve their writing. These skills also help to offset any learning loss that occurred during the pandemic.

We developed math courses to serve students in Grades 4 – 10 and writing courses for Grades 6 – 11.

For our younger students, the most important goal is to build their confidence in their academic skills so that they can pursue challenging academic opportunities in high school and be successful.

For our 8th through 10th-grade students, we have observed shifts in the standardized testing landscape for college admissions. Clear trends point to an even greater emphasis on academic performance and rigor of curriculum in future college admission decisions. Our mission is to continue to help prepare students for the next steps in their educational journey. With Summit’s expertise in one-on-one tutoring, we are uniquely positioned to help future college applicants stand out academically and become skilled problem solvers and writers.

Peak Math Courses

Summit offers six different math courses: Grade 4 Math, Grade 5 Math, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. The goal of these courses is to bring the student immersive, engaging content that will help ensure success now and in future math classes. The skills and strengths developed in these courses will lead to eager engagement with math. Through this challenging program students also learn the importance of perseverance, risk-taking, and creative problem-solving.

Peak Analytical Writing Course

For our younger students our Peak Reading and Writing Program focuses on helping students to develop stronger reading skills and to write stronger essays. The development of reading skills is based on the student’s personal experiences and scientific research into the processes of reading. The lessons in writing essays are based on establishing empathy for the reader (utilizing the lessons learned about the science and experience of reading), considering the logic of how to explain ideas effectively, and examining sample essays. By the end of the program, the student will be able to use active reading skills and write a 4-paragraph essay with strong arguments.

For our high school students, our Peak Analytical Writing course focuses on teaching students to master analytical writing, the most important, most challenging, and most frequent type of writing that students encounter in high school and college. In this engaging program, students learn how to better structure their essays, deepen their analysis, develop their arguments, and create quality supportive examples that showcase their true writing skills. This level of preparation and skills development will help students prepare for honors, advanced placement (AP), and other higher-level English classes as well as other subjects requiring strong written communication.

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1-1 Peak Math Courses

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