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Summit Foundations Program

Academic Enrichment to Boost High School Math, Reading, and Writing Skills.

Summit Foundations is a one-on-one tutoring program that focuses on the specific Math and Verbal skills on the SAT and ACT. It is geared toward our younger students (9th, 10th, and rising 11th graders) to ensure mastery of the academic concepts prior to moving forward with a full-fledged test preparation program.

A typical Foundations program consists of eight, 90-minute online private tutoring sessions, held either in-home or online, according to your schedule  Depending on the needs of your student, your program can be customized to a shorter or longer duration.


Our Foundations curricula is customized to your student and teaches the fundamentals that are key to success on the SAT and ACT. Sample math topics include algebraic functions, logarithms, and trigonometry. The Reading and English curriculum includes critical reading and analysis, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. By improving students’ general reading, writing, and math skills, our Foundations program can give a boost to academic performance during the school year.

Learn From Experts

Your Summit program starts with a Program Director dedicated to your success and a highly qualified tutor matched to your student’s personality, learning style, and goals. Our tutors are caring, experienced educators who know how to engage and motivate youth.

Summit Foundations targets the specific skills necessary for success on the SAT/ACT, and increases confidence in every day academics.

Students who score best on the SAT and ACT have a strong foundation of skills in math, reading, and writing.

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