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Students in the class of 2025 in the US will be the first ones to face the new digital adaptive PSAT in October of 2023 and then the first new digital adaptive SAT in March of 2024. As this class begins to think about their standardized testing plans, they are asking questions about this transition to this new test.

Much like a scrimmage or dress rehearsal, taking practice tests under realistic, timed conditions removes the mystery of the test, reduces test anxiety, and increases confidence. Practice tests are a crucial component of any successful test prep program. They provide a starting baseline for test planning and help track progress toward score goals.

Summit Recommendations for SAT Practice Tests

We recommend that students take a practice new digital SAT (along with a full-length practice ACT) to help them decide if they are going down the SAT or ACT path. 

Our general advice is for students to not move their testing timeline up to try to avoid the transition to the new digital SAT, as most students need to test in the spring of their junior year to hit their full potential.

For some students – high achieving students or students with very busy junior year spring schedules – it is appropriate to move the testing timeline up. In this case we usually target November or December of junior year for the first test date, which will be the current paper and pencil version of the SAT.

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Request a Free Digital SAT Practice Test

We provide two options so that students can get the practice and exposure they need, based on their schedule and availability. Students can take the Digital SAT either:

  • In-person at our Newton, MA or New Canaan, CT offices (students must provide their own device for the in-person practice test)
  • Remote, self-proctored on their own schedule through our online, digital platform

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