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Whether your student needs help to keep up with, supplement, or accelerate their academic studies, Summit’s tutors can help. Our tutors work one-on-one with students, tailoring sessions to individual needs and goals. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping to improve grades and build confidence across all academic subjects.

From support with homework, study skills, course content, and time management, to help with a class project or test prep, our tutors are here to help.


Summit’s tutors are highly qualified subject experts who love what they do and know how to engage and build confidence in young people. Many have advanced degrees in the subjects they tutor.


Your journey with Summit starts with a consultation with your Program Director, who will work to understand your student’s needs and goals and then will tailor the tutoring program accordingly. They’ll match your student with a compatible and experienced tutor, monitor progress throughout, and check in regularly to ensure the program’s goals are being met. After every tutoring session, you’ll get a personalized lesson recap email from our tutor so you can stay informed about how things are going. Our concierge model ensures that parents are involved and that student outcomes remain at the center of every tutoring program.

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Subject Tutoring

If targeted support in a specific academic subject is what your student needs, we are here for you. Our qualified tutors have deep knowledge and specialties in subjects like Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Spanish, English, and many, many more.

Your student deserves the best support available. With best-in-class tools, tutors, and knowledge, Summit is here for you and equipped to help your student succeed.

Here are just a few of our many subject tutoring programs:
















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Don’t see your subject listed? Not a problem — these are just a few of the many subjects we tutor!

College Tutoring

Freshman year is an exciting time. Give your student the boost they need to excel that first year with course-specific, hand picked tutors. Summit’s content experts cover a range of subjects, from introductory courses in English, Calculus, and History, to more focused coursed including Economics, Statistics, and several Science courses.

Here is a list of our many college tutoring programs. Please note that availability may be limited for some subjects.

Summit’s tutoring is one-on-one, personalized, with an expert tutor, in-home or online, on your student’s schedule. Targeted support from a subject-matter expert not only helps students fill learning gaps, but also equips them with valuable study and organizational skills that will set them up to master course content and achieve academic success. Students can arrange to meet with tutors for a few sessions to become acclimated to the rigor of college-level work, or students can continue the one-on-one support throughout the year.

College classes are challenging and unlike the more supportive academic environments to which students have been accustomed to in high school. See below to learn how our Academic Managers can help your student.

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“We LOVE Jackie. I am so happy it’s such a good fit. Even in the relatively brief time she’s been working with us, Maddie has achieved excellent grades on things Jackie helped her with.”

Val E., Parent

“John listened to Katie’s concerns and tailored an approach to help her with her Geometry frustration. She’s feeling ready to take the upcoming exam!”

Becky L., Parent

“Ben is on point focused and provides tips and instruction tailored to your child's needs. His follow up comments and suggestions were detailed and extremely helpful.”

Cindy K., Parent

“Susan was the perfect tutor for my daughter! In this challenging time that only allowed for remote/online sessions, Susan made it work and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Susan thoroughly explained the concepts in a manner that matched my daughter’s learning style, she respected that my daughter was juggling other commitments in and out of school, and she always kept me in the loop with a session re-cap correspondence. Many thanks to Susan!”

Rebecca B., Parent

“Nat was excellent. Focused on the areas that needed the most work and found some time to spend on the areas of strength as well to keep up the skills. Was very accommodating to our schedule. Very personable. My son really enjoyed working with him.”

Karen A., Parent

“Sara- was amazing. it did not take her long to figure out who our child is and how she learns. she quickly talked about her three pillars- mental, strategy, and competency. She is the best tutor we have had throughout the girls’ school careers. I look forward to continuing with her until Caroline achieves her goals. we are so lucky to have found her.”

Mary Lou A., Parent

“Michael was patient and thoughtful. He was clear and took the time needed to work with Andreas . He was also very accommodating with all our schedules.”

Gail K., Parent

“Mergim was really helpful and has a gentle, relaxed demeanor. He pinpoints exactly what needs to be worked on and doesn’t waste time on the stuff that doesn’t.”

Darcy H., Parent

“Jonathan was an incredible source of help, support, and encouragement for Clay since the beginning of 2020, throughout a roller-coaster of a process due to COVID. Incredibly knowledgeable, kind and steady, completely reliable, and proactive about providing Clay with the help and support he has needed. We could not be more grateful!”

Nan C., Parent

“If every teacher could implement Michael's teaching methods, our schools would produce confident students who achieve to the best of their ability. He assessed Lillian's learning style and tailored her sessions based on that profile. He provided in-depth reports after lessons and promptly sent the homework for the following week. Michael was completely invested in Lillian’s learning and improvement.”

Jeanie O., Parent

“I thought Sahana was a very strong tutor and was able to quickly relate to Katie. Each session she was focused and pushed Katie to work hard and make improvements in all areas of study. She understands the mind of a 17-year-old girl and was able to make each session fun. She was very supportive of Katie and encouraged her to believe in her abilities and helped to increase her confidence.”

Shelley W., Parent

Academic Manager

Today’s students lead busy lives, which is why it’s so important for them to stay organized. Without a strong organizational system and good study habits, it can be easy for students to fall behind…and challenging for them to catch back up. These struggles have only been compounded by the COVID-era remote learning experience.

Summit’s one-on-one Academic Managers help your student stay on track and engaged with their schoolwork, and provide instructional support when needed. They collaborate with students to create work and study plans for homework, quizzes, and tests through regular 30-minute sessions. It’s a valuable opportunity for students to learn accountability and organizational skills alongside someone they trust, to coach and support them. Every time your Summit Academic Manager meets with your student, they’ll send you a recap email explaining how things are going, what they’re working on, and what they still have to do, allowing you to stay informed throughout the process.

Does your student need help staying organized with their schoolwork?

Foundations of SAT and ACT

Prior to starting a test preparation program, our Foundations program can help fill skill gaps in the math and verbal content on the SAT and ACT. With our curriculum specifically developed for learning the necessary fundamentals, Foundations tutors work one-on-one with students and help set the stage for success when it comes time for a full-fledged test prep program.

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Meet Some of Our Top Tutors

Leslie Greene

Leslie Greene earned her BA in English from Williams College, her JD from the University of Chicago Law School, and a Masters in Secondary Education (English) from Fairfield University.   She began her career as an attorney in Chicago, moved to CT and raised her family, and then turned to teaching and tutoring.  At Summit since 2016, Leslie tutors the SAT, ACT, SSAT and ISEE tests.  She is a good-natured teacher who builds confidence in her students as they master the skills and strategies for the test.  Leslie enjoys cooking, reading with her two book groups (one contemporary fiction and the other early American history non fiction), going to the theater and to art museums and concerts, and spending time with her three grown daughters who live in NYC. College, degree obtained: Williams College, BA, English University of Chicago Law School, JD Fairfield University, MA Education, English

Natalie Harrington

Natalie Harrington received her BA in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences from Wellesley College. She loves to keep busy: she currently works as a Manager at Johnson String Instrument in addition to her part-time role as a one-on-one tutor at Summit. In her spare time Natalie enjoys writing, riding her motorcycle, and traveling to car shows around the country.

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