Is Your Student Taking AP Classes? Summit has got you Covered.

February 15, 2023

As the movement toward test-optional admission policies has intensified competition at selective colleges, more students are discovering the benefits of taking and performing well in Advanced Placement (AP) classes and on their AP exams.

AP success is another opportunity for students to showcase their academic abilities and show their readiness to succeed in college-level courses.

Who Should Take Them?

AP courses are demanding and rigorous. As a result, students need to be able to handle the more challenging curriculum and be able to devote the extra study and preparation time that these courses often require. AP courses help students prepare for college-level work and some colleges will grant college credit based on student performance on their AP exams. AP courses also show colleges that students are challenging themselves academically and taking the most rigorous courses offered at their high school. Success in AP courses can also help students to gain merit scholarships offered by colleges to help reduce a student’s tuition.

Most schools will offer AP courses to their academically ready 11th and 12th graders. In some cases, high-achieving 10th graders may consider AP. Again, the key here is that students need to be academically prepared for the increased rigors of AP. 

Summit Can Help Your Student Improve their AP Performance

Summit is uniquely positioned to help students achieve AP success. We offer a wide array of AP practice exams, both in-person and online, so students can see where they stand well before test day. Our team of expert AP tutors can help student boost their performance in class or on exams by helping to address areas in need of improvement.

AP Workshops:

Empower your student to succeed on their AP exam(s) with AP workshops from Summit. 

Led by Summit’s most experienced and expert tutors, these two-hour, virtual workshops provide students with an excellent starting point to gain a better understanding of the tests themselves and what they need to do to prepare for them. After attending these workshops, students will gain confidence and have a much deeper understanding of how to succeed on these exams. In addition, these workshops include:

  • An overview of the AP exam and the content covered
  • Strategies and approaches for Multiple-Choice Questions & Free-Response Questions
  • Practice AP exams, on your schedule, including individualized feedback and scoring
  • Opportunities to ask questions to an expert tutor

AP workshops begin in February and run through early March. Learn more and register here

Can’t make it in person? Register to receive a copy of the recording. 

AP Exam Prep:

When your student works with Summit for one-on-one AP exam prep, they will learn insider strategies on how to master AP test-taking, approaches to answering the various types of test questions, a breakdown of how the points are awarded, effective skills for taking the AP exam as well as fill in any knowledge gaps.

Students will also take AP practice exams to boost their confidence and track their progress. These practice AP exams play a critical role in pinpointing areas for your student to focus on to score to their highest potential. The score report provides a detailed level of feedback, including where they did well and what they can do to improve their score.

Learn more – AP exam prep or sign-up for a practice AP exam

AP Tutoring:

One-on-one AP subject tutoring provides students with targeted support and additional instruction to help them excel in their AP class throughout the school year. Students typically meet with their Summit AP tutor once per week for 90 minutes, though the exact timing and length of tutoring sessions are customized to individual student schedules and needs. These sessions can help students improve their performance in the classroom and on their AP exams in May. For more information on how Summit can help your student achieve success on APs, please contact us today at 1-800-MY-TUTOR or We’ll be glad to speak with you!

Drew Heilpern

Drew graduated cum laude from Duke University with degrees in Biology and Elementary Education. He then completed his PhD in Immunology from Tufts Medical School. After completing his postdoctoral fellowship, Drew began tutoring for Summit where his passion as an educator quickly made him one of Summit’s most requested tutors. Outside of Summit, Drew is busy with his two girls both under the age of two, his two cats, and talking shop with his wife, Carol, who is also a Summit tutor.