What Is Superscoring?

December 31, 2020

In a related post, we discussed Score Choice and how it affects what schools see what scores. Here, we will talk about Superscoring.

Whereas Score Choice is a testing agency policy set by the College Board and the ACT, superscoring is a college admissions policy. Colleges that superscore will consider your best section scores from multiple tests. For example, if you submit three sets of SAT scores, a college that superscores will record your highest Math score and Reading & Writing score from the three tests. You must send the full score report for each test and cannot choose which section scores colleges will see. Additionally, schools will not superscore across the SAT and ACT.

Why do schools superscore?

Superscoring benefits both the institution and the students. Colleges can publish higher average SAT and ACT scores, positively impacting their selectivity rankings. Students, meanwhile, can be assured that their standardized testing history will be viewed in a more supportive manner.

Do all schools superscore?
No. The vast majority of colleges superscore the SAT and an increasing number of them are superscoring the ACT as well. It’s important to remember that superscoring policies vary from school to school, so we encourage you to contact individual college admissions offices or a Summit Program Director to discuss the particulars of your situation.


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This article was very helpful! I look forward to staying in touch and learning more, as our industry is always weathering shifting sands.