Why it’s Critically Important to Master Analytical Writing 

April 14, 2022

“Essay writing” is a term guaranteed to elicit groans from many students—and from many former students, too. But is writing an essay actually inherently difficult? Or do we just think it’s difficult because many of us have never developed the skills that would allow us to approach the task with ease?

When we think of essays, we often think of English class, but the truth is that strong essay-writing skills form an important foundation for just about any academic pursuit. Essays are certainly a component of any history or psychology class, and they’re required for many of the other sciences as well. Even electives like music theory will typically require essays. 

Improving students writing will not only help them in high school but also prepare them for college. Take for example AP courses and AP exams. There is only one AP exam that does not include a free-response portion: AP Computer Science Principles. Every other AP exam offered—even those that are focused on math- and science-based subjects—includes a portion that requires students to write articulate responses. 

If you recall that AP courses are essentially college classes offered in high school, it’s easy to imagine that every course our students take as they pursue higher education will include at least some writing. Essay writing is a fact of academic life, and the only way to make it easier is to sharpen those skills. 

Writing Skills are Transferrable

Investing in writing skills will pay off in more ways than one. Writing skills are correlated with improved reading comprehension, another essential for any class and for life in general, and both have been shown to be predictors of future academic success. And writing skills are not only crucial for academics: they also serve us well long after we’ve left the days of timed classroom essays. Careers that do not require any sort of written communication are few and far between. While it may be true that no one writes letters anymore, we spend more time than ever on written correspondence thanks to email.

Writing effective essays is not easy, but with practice and expert guidance students can dramatically improve their writing skills.

Sharpen Your Student’s Writing Skills with Summit’s Peak Writing Program

Recognizing the critical importance of writing skills, Summit has developed its Peak Writing course for students in grades 8 through 10. Our Peak Analytical Writing program is designed to help students sharpen their essay-writing skills in a one-on-one setting. An expert Summit tutor, hand-picked for your student, will start by assessing their writing sample to get a sense of your student’s current writing abilities. Your tutor will then customize lessons that engage and challenge your student, providing actionable feedback for growth. Students will learn to analyze literature, create a compelling thesis statement, and develop a thoughtful, well-supported argument, all skills that will serve them well now and in the future.

Helping students to improve their analytical writing abilities under the guidance of an expert Summit tutor is a great way to set students up for success in the future, both in school and beyond.